TSD.API.Remoting.Reinforcement Namespace

Public interfaceIIsolatedFoundationReinforcement
Represents isolated foundation reinforcement
Public interfaceILinkDetailingGroup
Represents a group of link reinforcement bars for use in detailing
Public interfaceILinkSchedulingGroup
Represents a group of link reinforcement bars for use in scheduling
Public interfaceILongitudinalBarDetailingGroup
Represents a reinforcement detailing group of longitudinal bars
Public interfaceILongitudinalBarSchedulingGroup
Represents a group of longitudinal reinforcement bars for use in scheduling
Public interfaceIReinforcement
Represents a reinforcement object (bar or mesh)
Public interfaceIReinforcementBar
Describes an entire reinforcement bar (size, shape and the numeric shape parameters)
Public interfaceIReinforcementBarDetailingGroup
Represents a detailing group of reinforcement bars
Public interfaceIReinforcementBarGeometry
Represents the geometry of a reinforcement bar
Public interfaceIReinforcementBarHook
Represents a start or end hook of a reinforcement bar
Public interfaceIReinforcementBarList
Represents a list of reinforcement bars
Public interfaceIReinforcementBarSize
Represents a single size of a reinforcement bar
Public interfaceIReinforcementCollection
Represents a collection of reinforcement bars and meshes
Public interfaceIReinforcementGrade
Represents a reinforcement grade
Public interfaceIReinforcementMesh
Represents a reinforcement mesh
Public interfaceIReinforcementMeshDetailingGroup
Represents a detailing group of meshes
Public interfaceIReinforcementMeshList
Represents a list of reinforcement meshes
Public interfaceIReinforcementMeshSize
Represents a single size of a reinforcement mesh
Public interfaceIReinforcementShape
Represents a shape of a reinforcement bar (not its numeric parameters)
Public interfaceIReinforcementSize
Represents a single reinforcement size
Public interfaceISlabReinforcement
Represents slab reinforcement
Public enumerationBeamReinforcementGroupPosition
The position of a reinforcement group in a beam span
Public enumerationBeamReinforcementZoneType
The reinforcement zone in a concrete beam
Public enumerationBobPositionType
Specifies the position of bobs on a bar
Public enumerationLinkDetailingGroupType
Specifies the type of a link detailing group
Public enumerationReinforcementBarDirection
Specifies the direction of reinforcement bar
Public enumerationReinforcementBarLocation
Represents the location of a reinforcement bar in a section
Public enumerationReinforcementGeometry
The geometry of reinforcement
Public enumerationReinforcementRibType
The surface/rib type for bar reinforcement
Public enumerationReinforcementShapeType
The type of a reinforcement shape
Public enumerationReinforcementType
The type of reinforcement
Public enumerationShearWallReinforcementLayoutType
The type of reinforcement layout in a shear wall
Public enumerationUsedReinforcement
Represents the type of reinforcement which has been used