IModel Interface

Represents structure model

Namespace:  TSD.API.Remoting.Structure
Assembly:  TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface IModel : IHaveId

The IModel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyId
Gets the ID
(Inherited from IHaveId.)
Public propertySectionFactory
Gets the section factory
Public methodApplyEntityAsync
Applies modified entities back to the Tekla Structural Designer model
Public methodApplyHaunchAsync
Applies modified haunches back to the Tekla Structural Designer model
Public methodApplyPortalFrameMemberAsync
Applies modified portal frame members back to the Tekla Structural Designer model
Public methodApplySubEntityAsync
Applies modified sub-entities back to the Tekla Structural Designer model
Public methodCreateAnalysisElementAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IAnalysisElementAttributeSet instance
Public methodCreateConcreteBeamAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IConcreteBeamAttributeSet instance
Public methodCreateConcreteColumnAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IConcreteColumnAttributeSet instance
Public methodCreateEntityAsync
Creates new entities
Public methodCreateEntityCollector
Creates an instance of EntityCollector
Public methodCreateMemberAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IMemberAttributeSet instance
Public methodCreatePadBaseAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IIsolatedFoundationAttributeSet instance for PadBase
Public methodCreatePileCapAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IIsolatedFoundationAttributeSet instance for PileCap
Public methodCreatePileTypeAsync
Creates new pile type
Public methodCreateRoofAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IRoofAttributeSet instance
Public methodCreateSlabItemAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new ISlabItemAttributeSet instance
Public methodCreateStructuralWallAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new IStructuralWallAttributeSet instance
Public methodCreateSubEntityCollector
Creates an instance of SubEntityCollector
Public methodCreateSupportAttributeSetAsync
Creates a new ISupportAttributeSet instance
Public methodGetAnalysisConditionAsync
Gets the analysis condition data
Public methodGetArchitecturalGridsAsync
Returns a collection of IArchitecturalGrid instances
Public methodGetCarbonInfoAsync
Returns the embodied carbon information for a collection of sources
Public methodGetCarbonSourcesAsync
Returns a collection of identifiers of carbon sources
Public methodGetCombinationsAsync
Returns a collection of ICombination instances
Public methodGetConstructionPointGroupsAsync
Returns a collection of IConstructionPointGroup instances
Public methodGetConstructionPointsAsync
Returns a collection of IConstructionPoint instances
Public methodGetElementGroupsAsync
Returns a collection of IElementGroup instances
Public methodGetEntityCollectionAsync
Returns a model entity collection according to the given entity type
Public methodGetEntityNodeCollectionAsync
Returns a model entity node collection according to the given entity type and entity index
Public methodGetEntitySpanCollectionAsync
Returns a model entity span collection according to the given entity type and entity index
Public methodGetEnvelopesAsync
Returns a collection of IEnvelope instances
Public methodGetFramesAsync
Returns a collection of IVerticalConstructionPlane instances
Public methodGetLevelsAsync
Returns a collection of IHorizontalConstructionPlane instances
Public methodGetLoadcasesAsync
Returns a collection of ILoadcase instances
Public methodGetMembersAsync
Returns a collection of IMember instances
Public methodGetPadBasesAsync
Returns a collection of IIsolatedFoundation instances with data of type IPadBaseData
Public methodGetPileCapsAsync
Returns a collection of IIsolatedFoundation instances with data of type IPileCapData
Public methodGetPilesAsync
Returns a collection of IPile instances
Public methodGetPileTypeByNameAsync
Queries a pile type by the given name
Public methodGetPortalFramesAsync
Returns a collection of IPortalFrame instances
Public methodGetProjectDetailsAsync
Returns the project details
Public methodGetRoofsAsync
Returns a collection of IRoof instances
Public methodGetSettingsAsync
Returns the settings specific to this model
Public methodGetSlabItemsAsync
Returns a collection of ISlabItem instances
Public methodGetSlabOpeningsAsync
Returns a collection of ISlabOpening instances
Public methodGetSlabPatchesAsync
Returns a collection of ISlabPatch instances
Public methodGetSlabsAsync
Returns a collection of ISlab instances
Public methodGetSlopesAsync
Returns a collection of ISlopedConstructionPlane instances
Public methodGetSolverModelsAsync
Returns a collection of solver models for given analysis types
Public methodGetStructuralWallsAsync
Returns a collection of IStructuralWall instances
Public methodGetSupportsAsync
Returns a collection of ISupport instances
Public methodGetTotalCarbonMassAsync
Returns the total mass of embodied carbon in the whole model (in [kg])
Public methodGetValidationDataAsync
Returns the IValidationData instance
Public methodGetWallOpeningsAsync
Returns a collection of IWallOpening instances
Public methodGetWindWallsAsync
Returns a collection of IWindWall instances
Public methodImportCxl Obsolete.
Imports the CXL from given file
Public methodRunAnalysisAsync
Performs an analysis of requested type over a requested selection of combinations and loadcases
Public methodValidateAsync
Performs model validation
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