TSD.API.Remoting.Structure Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces related to structure and structural elements.
Public structureMemberSpanInfo
Represents an info about a span of a member
Public structureSubEntityInfo
Represents an info about a sub-entity
Public interfaceIArchitecturalGrid
Represents an architectural grid
Public interfaceIAreaElement
Represents common properties of area elements
Public interfaceIColumnDropData
Represents additional data of slab item if the slab item is column drop
Public interfaceIConcreteBeamSpanData
Represents a data of a span of a concrete beam
Public interfaceIConcreteColumnData
Represents the data of a concrete column
Public interfaceIConcreteColumnStackData
Represents a data of a stack of a concrete column
Public interfaceIConstructionHelper
Represents a construction helper
Public interfaceIConstructionPlane
Represents a construction plane
Public interfaceIConstructionPoint
Represents a single construction point
Public interfaceIConstructionPointGroup
Represents a group of construction points
Public interfaceIDeck
Represents a deck
Public interfaceIElementGroup
Represents an element group
Public interfaceIEndPlate
Represents an end plate
Public interfaceIHaunch
Represents a haunch
Public interfaceIHorizontalConstructionPlane
Represents a construction level
Public interfaceIMember
Represents a member (for all types of members, see MemberType)
Public interfaceIMemberData
Represents the data of a member
Public interfaceIMemberNode
Represents a member node
Public interfaceIMemberSpan
Represents a span of a member
Public interfaceIMemberSpanData
Represents a data of a span of a member
Public interfaceIModel
Represents structure model
Public interfaceIPlanarEntity
Represents a planar entity
Public interfaceIRoof
Represents a roof
Public interfaceIRoofData
Represents additional data of a roof
Public interfaceISlab
Represents a slab
Public interfaceISlabData
Represents additional data of slab
Public interfaceISlabItem
Represents a slab item
Public interfaceISlabItemData
Represents additional data of a slab item
Public interfaceISlabItemEdge
Represents an edge of a ISlabItem
Public interfaceISlabItemOverhangData
Represents additional data of slab item if the slab item is overhang
Public interfaceISlabOpening
Represents an opening in slab
Public interfaceISlabPatch
Represents a slab patch
Public interfaceISlopedConstructionPlane
Represents a sloped construction plane
Public interfaceISpanAlignment
Represents member span alignment
Public interfaceISpanReleases
Represents member span end releases
Public interfaceISteelBeamSpanData
Represents a data of a span of a steel beam
Public interfaceISteelColumnData
Represents the data of a steel column
Public interfaceIStrip
Represents the data of an individual strip
Public interfaceIStructuralWall
Represents a structural wall
Public interfaceIStructuralWallData
Represents additional data of a structural wall
Public interfaceIStructuralWallPanel
Represents a panel in IStructuralWall
Public interfaceIStructuralWallPanelData
Represents data of panel in IStructuralWall
Public interfaceISubEntityCollection
Represents collection of IModel sub-entities
Public interfaceISupport
Represents a support
Public interfaceIVerticalConstructionPlane
Represents a frame
Public interfaceIWallOpening
Represents a wall opening
Public interfaceIWindWall
Represents a wind wall
Public enumerationConstructionHelperLineType
Represents the line type of a construction helper
Public enumerationConstructionHelperType
Represents type of construction helper
Public enumerationConstructionPointType
Represents the type of a construction point
Public enumerationCurvedOption
Represents curvature
Public enumerationDeckType
Represents deck type of slab
Public enumerationDecompositionType
Represents type of decomposition
Public enumerationDiaphragmOption
Represents diaphragm option
Public enumerationElementGroupType
Represents type of element group
Public enumerationEndPlateOverlapOption
Represents an end plate overlap option
Public enumerationGridLineNameType
Represents the type of a grid line name
Public enumerationHaunchCutType
Represents a haunch cut type
Public enumerationHaunchDepthOption
Represents a haunch depth option
Public enumerationHaunchFabrication
Represents a haunch fabrication
Public enumerationHaunchSectionDerivation
Represents a haunch section derivation
Public enumerationMemberConstruction
Represents member construction
Public enumerationMemberFabrication
Represents member fabrication
Public enumerationMemberType
Represents the type of a IMember
Public enumerationMeshType
Represents a mesh type
Public enumerationPlaneType
Defines the types of planes (Horizontal and Sloped)
Public enumerationRoofType
Represents type of roof
Public enumerationRotationOption
Represents rotation option
Public enumerationSectionSnapLevel
Represents section snap level
Public enumerationShearConnectionCondition
Shear connection condition
Public enumerationSlabSurface
Represents a face of a slab
Public enumerationSlabType
Represents type of slab
Public enumerationStructuralWallType
Represents a type of IStructuralWall
Public enumerationToppingOption
Represents types of topping
Public enumerationWallPanelAlignment
Represents an alignment of IStructuralWallPanel
Public enumerationWallPanelReleaseType
Represents a release type of IStructuralWallPanel
Public enumerationWindDecompositionTarget
Represents a wind decomposition target