TSD.API.Remoting.Geometry Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces related to 3D geometry.
Public structureAxisTriad
Represents a triad of axes
Public structureLocalCoordSystem3D
Represents a local coordinate system
Public structurePoint2D
Represents a point in 2D space
Public structurePoint3D
Represents a point in 3D space
Public structureVector2D
Represents a vector in 2D space
Public structureVector3D
Represents a vector in 3D space
Public interfaceIArcSegment2D
Represents a 2D arc segment
Public interfaceIArcSegment3D
Represents a 3D arc segment
Public interfaceICompositeCurve2D
Represents a 2D composite curve (a collection of consecutive 2D segments, open or closed)
Public interfaceIPlane
Represents a plane
Public interfaceIPolygon2D
Represents a polygon in 2D space
Public interfaceIPolygonWithHoles2D
Represents a polygon with holes in 2D space
Public interfaceISegment2D
Represents a 2D segment
Public interfaceISegment3D
Represents a 3D segment
Public enumerationArcLcsOrientation
Represents the orientation of local coordination system of an arc
Public enumerationLocation
Represents a location
Public enumerationOrientation
Represents an orientation
Public enumerationSegmentType
Represents the type of a segment