TSD.API.Remoting.Common Namespace

This namespace contains common interfaces.
Public classAttributeSetParams
Base class of parameters required to create a new attribute set
Public classEntityCollector
Represents an entity collector
Public classEntityParams
Base class of parameters required to create a new entity
Public classSubEntityCollector
Represents an sub-entity collector
Public structureEntityInfo
Represents an info about an entity
Public interfaceICanBeUpdated
Represents an object that can be updated
Public interfaceICheckResult
Represents a result of the check/design of an entity
Public interfaceIEntity
Represents common interface for entity
Public interfaceIEntityCollection
Represents collection of IModel entities
Public interfaceIHaveId
Represent an entity with ID
Public interfaceIHaveIndex
Represent an indexed entity
Public interfaceIHaveName
Represent an entity with a name
Public interfaceIOperationResult
Contains information about a result of an operation
Public interfaceISubEntity
Represents common interface for sub-entity
Public interfaceIUtilizationRatioLimit
Represents settings for applying the utilization ratio limit
Public enumerationAutoDesignOption
Represents auto-design option
Public enumerationCheckResultType
Represents a check result type
Public enumerationCheckStatus
Represents check status of a calculation
Public enumerationCountry
Represents a country
Public enumerationEdgeEnd
Represents an edge end
Public enumerationEntityType
Represents a type of IEntity
Public enumerationError
Represents check status of a calculation
Public enumerationFlangePosition
Represents a flange position
Public enumerationLocationOnElement
Represents the location on element
Public enumerationPermanentLoadRatioOption
Represents permanent load ratio option
Public enumerationSubEntityType
Represents a sub-entity type
Public enumerationSystemType
Represents a system type
Public enumerationTestStatus
Represents test status of property
Public enumerationTristate
Represents a tristate