TSD.API.Remoting.Structure Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This namespace contains interfaces related to structure and structural elements.
  Structure Description
Public structure EntityInfo
Represents an info about an entity
  Interface Description
Public interface IArchitecturalGrid
Represents an architectural grid
Public interface IAreaElement
Represents common properties for area elements
Public interface IConstructionHelper
Represents a construction helper
Public interface IConstructionPlane
Represents a construction plane
Public interface IConstructionPoint
Represents a single construction point
Public interface IConstructionPointGroup
Represents a group of construction points
Public interface IEntityCollection
Represents collection of IModel entities
Public interface IHorizontalConstructionPlane
Represents a construction level
Public interface IMember
Represents a member (for all types of members, see MemberType)
Public interface IMemberSpan
Represents a span of a member
Public interface IMetalDeck
Represents metal deck
Public interface IModel
Represents structure model
Public interface IPile
Represents a pile
Public interface IPileType
Represents a type of IPile
Public interface IPlanarEntity
Represents a planar entity
Public interface IPrecastConcreteDeck
Represents precast concrete deck
Public interface IRoof
Represents a roof
Public interface ISlab
Represents a slab
Public interface ISlabItem
Represents an item of slab
Public interface ISlabItemEdge
Represents an edge of a ISlabItem
Public interface ISlabItemOverhangData
Represents additional data of slab item if the slab item is overhang
Public interface ISlabOpening
Represents an opening in slab
Public interface ISlabPatch
Represents a slab patch
Public interface ISlopedConstructionPlane
Represents a sloped construction plane (similar to levels - IHorizontalConstructionPlane - but sloped)
Public interface IStrip
Represents the data of an individual strip
Public interface IStructuralWall
Represents a structural wall
Public interface IStructuralWallPanel
Represents a panel in IStructuralWall
Public interface IVerticalConstructionPlane
Represents a frame
Public interface IWindWall
Represents a wind wall
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ConstructionHelperLineType
Represents the line type of a construction helper
Public enumeration ConstructionHelperType
Represents type of construction helper
Public enumeration ConstructionPointType
Represents the type of a construction point
Public enumeration CurvedOption
Represents curvature
Public enumeration DeckType
Represents deck type of slab
Public enumeration DecompositionType
Represents type of decomposition
Public enumeration DiaphragmOption
Represents diaphragm option
Public enumeration GridLineNameType
Represents the type of a grid line name
Public enumeration JoistType
Joist type
Public enumeration MemberType
Represents the type of an IMember
Public enumeration MeshType
Represents a mesh type
Public enumeration PileTypeShape
Represents a shape of pile
Public enumeration PlaneType
Defines the types of planes (Horizontal and Sloped)
Public enumeration RoofType
Represents type of roof
Public enumeration SlabOpeningType
Represents type of slab opening
Public enumeration SlabSurface
Represents a face of a slab
Public enumeration SlabType
Represents type of slab
Public enumeration StructuralWallType
Represents a type of IStructuralWall
Public enumeration ToppingOption
Represents types of topping
Public enumeration WallPanelAlignment
Represents an alignment of IStructuralWallPanel
Public enumeration WallPanelReleaseType
Represents a release type of IStructuralWallPanel
Public enumeration WindDecompositionTarget
Represents a wind decomposition target