MemberConstruction Enumeration

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Represents member construction

Namespace:  TSD.API.Remoting
Assembly:  TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public enum MemberConstruction
  Member name Value Description
Unknown 0 Unknown
SteelBeam 1 Steel beam
CompositeBeam 2 Composite beam
SteelColumn 3 Steel column
CompositeColumn 4 Composite column
SteelBrace 5 Steel brace
SteelJoist 6 Steel joist
SteelGablePost 7 Steel gable post
SteelParapetPost 8 Steel parapet post
SteelTie 9 Steel tie
SteelTrussMemberTop 10 Steel truss member top
SteelTrussMemberBottom 11 Steel truss member bottom
SteelTrussMemberSide 12 Steel truss member side
SteelTrussInternal 13 Steel truss internal
ConcreteBeam 14 Concrete beam
ConcreteColumn 15 Concrete column
TimberBeam 16 Timber beam
TimberColumn 17 Timber column
TimberBrace 18 Timber brace
TimberGablePost 19 Timber gable post
TimberTrussMemberTop 20 Timber truss member top
TimberTrussMemberBottom 21 Timber truss member bottom
TimberTrussMemberSide 22 Timber truss member side
TimberTrussInternal 23 Timber truss internal
ColdFormedBeam 24 Cold formed beam
ColdFormedColumn 25 Cold formed column
ColdFormedBrace 26 Cold formed brace
ColdFormedGablePost 27 Cold formed gable post
Purlin 28 Cold formed purlin
Rail 29 Cold formed rail
EavesBeam 30 Eaves beam
ConcreteWallBeamElement 31 Concrete wall beam element
ConcreteWallMeshBeamElement 32 Concrete wall mesh beam element
ConcreteWallColumnElement 33 Concrete wall column element
ColdFormedParapetPost 34 Cold formed parapet post
GeneralMaterialBeam 35 General material beam
GeneralMaterialColumn 36 General material column
GeneralMaterialBrace 37 General material brace
ColdFormedTrussMemberTop 38 Cold formed truss member top
ColdFormedTrussMemberBottom 39 Cold formed truss member bottom
ColdFormedTrussMemberSide 40 Cold formed truss member side
ColdFormedTrussInternal 41 Cold formed truss internal
BearingWallBeam 42 Bearing wall beam
BearingWallColumn 43 Bearing wall column
ColdRolledBeam 44 Cold rolled beam
ColdRolledColumn 45 Cold rolled column
GroundBeam 46 Ground beam
StiffeningBeam 47 Stiffening beam
CouplingBeam 48 Coupling beam
GeneralWallMeshBeamElement 49 General wall mesh beam element
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