TSD.API.Remoting.Solver Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces related to solver model.
  Interface Description
Public interface IAnalysis3DResults
Represents results of a 3D analysis
Public interface IAnalysisResults
Represents analysis results
Public interface IBucklingMode
Represents buckling mode
Public interface IBucklingResults
Represents results of buckling analysis
Public interface IDiaphragm
Represents a diaphragm
Public interface IDriftCheck
Represents a drift check
Public interface IElement1D
Represents a 1D solver element
Public interface IElement2D
Represents a 2D solver element
Public interface IElementEndForces
Represents element force
Public interface IElementOffsetDisplacements
Represents displacements at element offsets
Public interface IEntityCollection
Represents collection of IModel entities
Public interface ILoadingBuckling
Represents buckling results of a loading
Public interface ILoadingRsaSeismic
Represents RSA seismic results of a loading
Public interface ILoadingRsaTorque
Represents RSA torque results of a loading
Public interface ILoadingVibration
Represents vibration results of a loading
Public interface IMeshForces
Represents mesh forces
Public interface IModel
Represents solver model of TSD
Public interface INodalDisplacement
Represents a displacement of a node
Public interface INodalForce
Represents a force in a node
Public interface INodalMeshForces
Represents nodal mesh forces
Public interface INode
Represents a solver node
Public interface INodeBuckling
Represents node buckling
Public interface INodeVibration
Represents node vibration
Public interface IPanel
Represents a solver panel
Public interface IResultLine
Represents a result line
Public interface IResultLineElement1DInfo
Represents an info about IElement1D associated with IResultLine
Public interface IResultLineElement2DInfo
Represents an info about IElement2D associated with IResultLine
Public interface IResultLineForces
Represents IResultLine forces
Public interface IRsaAmplification
Represents RSA amplification
Public interface IRsaMode
Represents response spectrum analysis mode
Public interface IRsaSeismicResults
Represents seismic results of response spectrum analysis
Public interface IRsaTorqueResults
Represents torque results of response spectrum analysis
Public interface ISeismicVibrationResults
Represents results of seismic vibration analysis
Public interface IStation
Represents a station
Public interface IStiffnessData
Represents stiffness data
Public interface ISupport
Represents a support
Public interface ISupportData
Represents additional data of a support
Public interface IVibrationMass
Represents vibration mass
Public interface IVibrationMode
Represents vibration mode
Public interface IVibrationResults
Represents results of vibration analysis
Public interface IWallLine
Represents a wall line
Public interface IWallLineForces
Represents IWallLine forces
Public interface IWallLineStationForces
Represents IWallLine forces at an IStation
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AnalysisType
Represents various types of analysis
Public enumeration DegreeOfFreedom
Represents degrees of freedom (is a flag enum!)
Public enumeration Direction
Represents a direction
Public enumeration ModalCombinationMethod
Represents modal combination method
Public enumeration ModelEntityType
Represents types solver model entities
Public enumeration PanelType
Represents types of solver panels
Public enumeration ResultLineSide
Represents side of a result line
Public enumeration SpringStiffness
Represents the spring stiffness type
Public enumeration SupportType
Represents support type