IExtendedSection Interface

Represents a section which may have some additional data

Namespace:  TSD.API.Remoting.Sections
Assembly:  TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public interface IExtendedSection

The IExtendedSection type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property CrossSectionalArea
Cross sectional area ( Ax for solver )
Public property ExtendedType
Gets the type of the extended section
Public property MajorAxisSecondMomentOfArea
Major axis second moment of area ( Iy for solver )
Public property MinorAxisSecondMomentOfArea
Minor axis second moment of area ( Iz for solver )
Public property Name
Section name
Public property ShearAreaLoadedParallelToMajorAxis
Shear area loaded parallel to major axis ( Az for solver )
Public property ShearAreaLoadedParallelToMinorAxis
Shear area loaded parallel to minor axis ( Ay for solver )
Public property SpringSection
Section data for spring elements
Public property TorsionConstant
Torsion constant ( Ix for solver )
Public property TotalBreadth
Gets the total breadth of the section
Public property TotalDepth
Gets the total depth of the section
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