TSD.API.Remoting.Loading Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces related to loadings.
  Class Description
Public class LoadingValueOptions
Represents options of a loading value
  Interface Description
Public interface ICombination
Represents a combination of loadcases
Public interface IDisplacement
Represents a displacements in 3D space
Public interface IEnvelope
Represents an envelope
Public interface IForce3DGlobal
Represents forces in global coordinate system
Public interface IForce3DLocal
Represents forces at element point with respect to element LCS
Public interface ILoadcase
Represents a loadcase
Public interface ILoadcaseFactors
Represents loadcase factors in combination
Public interface ILoadingCase
Represents a common interface for ILoadcase and ICombination
Public interface ILoadingValue
Represents a loading value
Public interface IMemberLoading
Represents member loading
Public interface IPointOfInterest
Represents a point of interest
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CombinationClass
Represents the class of a combination
Public enumeration DistanceMeasuring
Represents measuring type
Public enumeration ExtendedLoadcaseType
Represents extended loadcase type
Public enumeration FactoringType
Represents a factoring type
Public enumeration KamplifierSource
Represents the source how k amplifier will be calculated
Public enumeration KamplifierTarget
Represents the targets for k amplifier
Public enumeration LoadcaseSpeciality
Represents loadcase speciality
Public enumeration LoadcaseType
Represents a type of loadcase
Public enumeration LoadDirection
Represents a direction of loading
Public enumeration LoadingCaseType
Represents loading case type
Public enumeration LoadingDirection
Represents loading direction
Public enumeration LoadingResultType
Represents type of loading results
Public enumeration LoadingValueLocation
Represents location of loading value towards its position (is a flag enum!)
Public enumeration LoadingValueType
Represents loading value type
Public enumeration LoadSourceType
Represents the type of load source
Public enumeration LoadType
Represents type of load
Public enumeration MemberLoadType
Represents type of member load
Public enumeration PointOfInterestType
Represents type of a point of interest
Public enumeration SeismicCombinationValueType
Represents the type of seismic combination value