P2 Programs integrated their barcode software with Tekla PowerFab

With help of Tekla PowerFab Open API the Tekla PowerFab information is kept accurate real-time.

P2 Programs started in 1986 as a part-time venture by writing barcode applications for various barcode suppliers in the Houston, Texas area. Today, P2 Programs specializes in software applications that use barcodes and other Auto-ID technology to track products and processes in an industrial environment.

Steel Tracking System provides virtually error-free data collection environment with barcoded steel

The barcode software, Steel Tracking System by P2 Programs, efficiently tracks an order within the shop and from vendor to vendor all the way to the job site.

The Steel Tracking System identifies uniquely each piece of steel with a barcode serial number. The data is transmitted to customers for shipping and receiving purposes. This provides an electronic verification of information that has traditionally been saturated with errors due to the overwhelming amount of manual paperwork. The use of barcoded steel provides for a virtually error-free data collection environment.

Tekla PowerFab information is kept updated in real-time

“The integration between Tekla PowerFab and Steel Tracking System allows you to keep the Tekla PowerFab inventory, production, and shipping information accurate in real-time, and it's as quick and easy as scanning a barcode label.”, says Paul Parks, the owner of P2 Programs.

P2 Programs used Tekla EPM Open API in barcode softwareMaterial can be received, inventory tracked and audited, relieved for use on production parts, tracked through production, and shipped.

“The information in Tekla PowerFab is kept current and in sync with Steel Tracking System.”, continues Paul Parks.