API Reference

This is the reference documentation of Tekla PowerFab Open API. The API contains request and response namespaces.

fsresInputDisplayUnits Properties

The fsresInputDisplayUnits type exposes the following members.

Public propertyLengthTypeIDImperial
Length format when in imperial mode: 1 - Feet, Inches, 16ths 2 - Feet, Inches 3 - Inches, 16ths 4 - Decimal Feet 5 - Decimal Inches (2 Places) 6 - Decimal Inches 7 - Feet, Inches, 16ths (Free-Form)
Public propertyLengthTypeIDMetric
Length format when in metric mode: 1 - Meters 2 - Centimeters 3 - Millimeters
Public propertyLengthUOM
Length display and input.
Public propertyPriceUOM
Unit Price display and input.
Public propertySizeUOM
Dimension display and input.
Public propertyWeightUOM
Weight display and input.
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