API Reference

This is the reference documentation of Tekla PowerFab Open API. The API contains request and response namespaces.

FabSuiteResponseApi Namespace

Tekla EPM Api.
Public classfsCurrency
An element with a decimal value and a Currency attribute.
Public classfsCurrencyUnit
An element with a decimal value and Currency and PriceUnits attributes.
Public classfsCurrencyUnitValue
An element with a decimal value and Currency and PriceUnits attributes.
Public classfsCurrencyValue
An element with a decimal value and a Currency attribute.
Public classfsDecimalWithUOM
An element with a decimal value and a fsUOM attribute, such as a length, width, etc.
Public classfsDimensionsWithMetric
An element with a text value and a fsMetric attribute, such as for dimensions.
Public classfsDimensionValue
Public classfsDimensionValueDisplay
Public classfsresAddressInfo
Public classfsresApprovalStatus
Public classfsresAvailableMaterial
A type of material available from a supplier
Public classfsresChangeOrderDetails_ChangeOrder
The details for one ChangeOrder.
Public classfsresChangeOrderDetails_ChangeOrderChangeAdded
Public classfsresChangeOrderDetails_ChangeOrderChangeCauseAmount
Public classfsresClose
Closes the connection to the database. Cannot be called through a remote connection.
Public classfsresCloseRemote
Closes a remote connection.
Public classfsresCNCData
Retrieves the CNC data for the specified parts. An XMLWarning element will be included in the response if no CNC file has been loaded for a requested piece mark.
Public classfsresCNCData_PieceMarkCNCData
The CNC data for a single part.
Public classfsresCommand
Public classfsresCompanyData
Public classfsresConnect
Establishes a connection to the FabSuite database. Cannot be called through a remote connection
Public classfsresConnectRemote
Establishes a remote connection.
Public classfsresContactInfo
Public classfsresCreateInventoryLocationSweep
Creates a location sweep for the given location.
Public classfsresCutListItemAvailable
Inventory stock available for a cutting detail.
Public classfsresCutPart
A Part in a cutting detail.
Public classfsresDeleteInspectionTestRecord
Deletes the given inspection test record.
Public classfsresDocument
A document attached to an inspection test record, RFI, change order, etc.
Public classfsresDrawing
Public classfsresDrawingDelete
Public classfsresDrawingFile
Public classfsresDrawingFileGet
Public classfsresDrawingFileGet_ResultData
Public classfsresDrawingGet
Public classfsresDrawingGet_ResultData
Public classfsresDrawingGetOptions
Public classfsresDrawingInputOptions
Public classfsresDrawingInputOptionsGet
Public classfsresDrawingInputOptionsGet_ResultData
Public classfsresDrawingInsert
Public classfsresDrawingInsert_ResultData
Public classfsresDrawingLog
Public classfsresDrawingLogDelete
Public classfsresDrawingLogGet
Public classfsresDrawingLogGet_ResultData
Public classfsresDrawingLogInsert
Public classfsresDrawingLogUpdate
Public classfsresDrawingProduction
Public classfsresDrawingRevision
Public classfsresDrawingRevisionDelete
Public classfsresDrawingRevisionGet
Public classfsresDrawingRevisionGet_ResultData
Public classfsresDrawingRevisionGetOptions
Public classfsresDrawingRevisionInsert
Public classfsresDrawingRevisionUpdate
Public classfsresDrawingTransmittal
Public classfsresDrawingUpdate
Public classfsresExportJob
Exports a Production Control job to a KISS file.
Public classfsresExportJobStatus
Exports a Production Control job including status information.
Public classfsresExportProjectSchedule
Exports a project schedule.
Public classfsresExtensionCommand
Execute a Tekla EPM extension.
Public classfsresFabSuiteXMLResponse
Public classfsresFileData
A file reference.
Public classfsresFilter
A filter type and value.
Public classfsresFilterFilterValue
The value that the field should be restricted to.
Public classfsresFilterFilterValueMax
If specified then this becomes a range filter with FilterValue being the bottom value of the range and FilterValueMax being the upper value.
Public classfsresFilters
A set of filters specifying the data that should be processed by the command. If more than one Filter element specify the same FilterType then an 'or' condition is applied. An 'and' condition is applied to different FilterType fields. Ex.
Public classfsresFilterSelections_GetOptions
Public classfsresFilterSelectionsPDCGet
Public classfsresFilterSelectionsPDCGet_ResultData
Public classfsresFilterSelectionsPRJGet
Public classfsresFilterSelectionsPRJGet_ResultData
Public classfsresFilterSetDetails
Public classfsresFilterSetDetails_Filter
Public classfsresFilterSetDetailsGet
Public classfsresFilterSetDetailsGet_ResultData
Public classfsresFilterSetSelections_Filter
Public classfsresFilterSetSelections_FilterItem
Public classfsresFilterSetSelections_FilterItems
Public classfsresFirm
Public classfsresFirmAddress
Public classfsresFirmAddressList
Public classfsresFirmContact
Public classfsresGetAssemblies
Retrieves the list of assemblies in a job.
Public classfsresGetAssemblies_Assembly
An assembly.
Public classfsresGetAssemblies_AssemblyInspectionTest
An assembly.
Public classfsresGetAssemblies_AssemblySequence
A sequence assignment for an assembly.
Public classfsresGetAssemblies_BillOfMaterials
A part in the bill of materials for an assembly.
Public classfsresGetAssemblies_BillOfMaterialsInspectionTest
A part in the bill of materials for an assembly.
Public classfsresGetAssembliesInspectionTest
The title of an inspection test referenced by one or more assemblies in the response.
Public classfsresGetBillOfMaterials
Retrieves the bill of materials.
Public classfsresGetBillOfMaterialsInspectionTest
The title of an inspection test referenced by one or more parts in the response.
Public classfsresGetCategories
Retrieves the list of categories in a job.
Public classfsresGetCategories_Category
An Category.
Public classfsresGetCategories_CategoryInspectionTest
An Category.
Public classfsresGetCategories_SubCategory
A Sub-Category.
Public classfsresGetCategories_SubCategoryInspectionTest
A Sub-Category.
Public classfsresGetCategoriesInspectionTest
The title of an inspection test referenced by one or more categories in the response.
Public classfsresGetChangeOrderDetails
Retrieves the details for one or more Change Orders.
Public classfsresGetCountries
Retrieves available countries from the Database.
Public classfsresGetCountries_Country
A Country.
Public classfsresGetCurrencies
Retrieves available currencies from the database.
Public classfsresGetCurrencies_Currency
A currency.
Public classfsresGetCutList
Retrieves the details of a cut list.
Public classfsresGetCutList_CutListItem
A cutting detail on a cut list.
Public classfsresGetCutList_CutListItemPart
A Part in a cut list cutting detail.
Public classfsresGetCutList_PlannedInventoryItem
The details of the stock that is planned to be used on the cutting detail.
Public classfsresGetDocument
Retrieves a document from the document index.
Public classfsresGetDocument_Document
A document.
Public classfsresGetDrawings
Retrieves the list of drawings in a job.
Public classfsresGetDrawings_Drawing
A drawing.
Public classfsresGetDrawings_DrawingInspectionTest
A drawing.
Public classfsresGetDrawingsInspectionTest
The title of an inspection test referenced by one or more drawings in the response.
Public classfsresGetFilterSelections
Retrieves selections for a filter set.
Public classfsresGetFilterSelections_Filter
One filter.
Public classfsresGetFilterSelections_FilterItemsFilterItem
One filter.
Public classfsresGetFilterSetDetails
Retrieves fields and types for a filter.
Public classfsresGetFilterSetDetails_Filter
One Field in a filter.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestRecords
Retrieves the details of an inspection test record and it's test definition.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestRecordsCondensed
Retrieves the condensed details of a set of inspection test records.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestRecordsCondensed_IncludedField
A field in the condensed test record response.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestRecordSummary
Retrieves the condensed details of a set of inspection test records.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestRecordSummary_InspectionTest
Summary of an inspection test.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTests
Retrieves a list of inspection tests and their definitions.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestSubjects
Retrieves the available subjects for the given inspection test.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestSubjects_Employee
An available employee for the given inspection test.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestSubjects_InspectionTestRecord
An inspection result for a subject.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestSubjects_Load
An available load for the given inspection test.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestSubjects_Part
An available part for the given inspection test.
Public classfsresGetInspectionTestTypes
Retrieves the available inspection test types and categories.
Public classfsresGetInventory
Retrieves all of the records from the current inventory and/or inventory history.
Public classfsresGetInventoryLocations
Retrieves list of locations and secondary locations in Inventory.
Public classfsresGetInventoryLocationSweeps
Retrieves the details of the given location sweep serial number.
Public classfsresGetInventorySummary
Retrieves summary information from inventory.
Public classfsresGetInventorySummary_Summary
An summary for a set of fields.
Public classfsresGetInventorySummary_SummaryField
A summary field.
Public classfsresGetInventoryTransactions
Retrieves the details of inventory transactions that have occured.
Public classfsresGetLoads
Retrieves the completed/remaining status and details by destination and load #.
Public classfsresGetLoads_Destination
A shipping destination.
Public classfsresGetLoads_Destination_Load
The material completed through a station.
Public classfsresGetLoads_Destination_Load_Additional
Additional material on a load.
Public classfsresGetLoads_Destination_Load_Material
Material on a load.
Public classfsresGetLoads_Destination_MaterialRemaining
Material remaining to be shipped to a destination.
Public classfsresGetLots
Retrieves the list of lots in a job.
Public classfsresGetLots_Lot
A lot.
Public classfsresGetNestData
Retrieves the data file for the given nest.
Public classfsresGetNestImage
Retrieves the image for the given nest.
Public classfsresGetNestImage_Remnant
An image of a remnant.
Public classfsresGetNestStatus
Retrieves information on inventory and requisition items in a nest.
Public classfsresGetPricingInformation
Retrieves the pricing information for either a job or the full system.
Public classfsresGetProductionControlJobInformation
Retrieves the full information of Production Control jobs.
Public classfsresGetProductionControlJobInformationTransactions
Retrieves the changes that have been made to Production Control job information.
Public classfsresGetProductionControlJobs
Retrieves the list of production control jobs.
Public classfsresGetProductionControlJobs_JobGroups
The job groups that currently exist in Tekla PowerFab.
Public classfsresGetProductionControlJobs_ProductionControlJob
One production control job.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus
Retrieves the production status for a job.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_Item
A record in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_Item_ShippingDestination
A shipping destination in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_Item_ShippingDestinationReturnStatus
A shipping destination in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_Item_ShippingDestinationShipStatus
A shipping destination in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_ItemField
A record in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_ItemFieldStation
A record in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_ItemProductionStation
A record in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatus_ItemTFSStatus
A record in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatusFieldStation
The name of a field station referenced by one or more records in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatusProductionStation
The name of a production station referenced by one or more records in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatusShippingDestination
The name of a shipping destination referenced by one or more records in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProductionShippingStatusSummaryField
The name of a summary field in the production status.
Public classfsresGetProjectSchedule
Retrieves the breakdown elements, tasks, and task links for a baseline plan - optionally at a snapshot.
Public classfsresGetProjectScheduleBaselinePlans
Retrieves the baseline plans for a project.
Public classfsresGetProjectScheduleSnapshots
Retrieves the snapshots for a baseline plan.
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus
Retrieves summary information about the job including: Assemblies Drawings Sequences Lots RFIs Change Orders Transmittals Cut Lists Material Status Production Status Shipping Status
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_Assemblies
Assemblies object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_Categories
Categories object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_CutList
Cut List object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_CutLists
Cut Lists object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_Documents
Documents object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_Drawings
Drawings object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_Lots
Lots object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_MaterialStatus
Material Status object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_ProductionStatus_Station
Production Status - Station object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_QuantityWeight
Quantity by weight object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_Sequences
Sequences object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_ShipStatus_Destination
Ship Status - Destination object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_SubCategories
SubCategories object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetProjectStatus_TrimbleConnect
Project Status for Trimble Connect object for getProjectStatus
Public classfsresGetPurchaseOrderInformation
Retrieves the full information of Purchase Orders.
Public classfsresGetPurchaseOrderInformationTransactions
Retrieves the changes that have been made to Purchase Order information.
Public classfsresGetReportTypes
Retrieves the list of report types and reports for the given report group.
Public classfsresGetReportTypes_DefaultOption
Public classfsresGetReportTypes_ReportType
Public classfsresGetReportTypes_ReportType_Report
Public classfsresGetRFIDetails
Retrieves the details for one or more RFIs.
Public classfsresGetRouteDetails
Retrieves the details of the given route.
Public classfsresGetRouteDetails_RouteStation
Public classfsresGetSequences
Retrieves the list of sequence in a job.
Public classfsresGetSequences_Sequence
A sequence.
Public classfsresGetSequences_SequenceInspectionTest
A sequence.
Public classfsresGetSequencesInspectionTest
The title of an inspection test referenced by one or more sequences in the response.
Public classfsresGetStations
Retrieves the completed/remaining status and details by station.
Public classfsresGetStations_Station
A tracking station.
Public classfsresGetStations_Station_MaterialCompleted
Material completed through a station.
Public classfsresGetStations_Station_MaterialRemaining
Material remaining to be completed through a station.
Public classfsresGetStations_Station_Remaining
The material remaining to be completed through a station.
Public classfsresGetSubCategories
Retrieves the list of sub-categories in a job.
Public classfsresGetSubCategoriesInspectionTest
The title of an inspection test referenced by one or more sub-categories in the response.
Public classfsresGetTFSDetails
Retrieves the details of the parts that have been taken from stock (cut).
Public classfsresGetTFSDetails_Material
A part that has been taken from stock (cut).
Public classfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects
Retrieves the available time tracking selections for a job.
Public classfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects_Employees_Employee
An employee available to be associated with the time tracking record.
Public classfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects_Stations
The production workstations available to be associated with the time tracking record.
Public classfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects_Stations_Station
A production workstations available to be associated with the time tracking record.
Public classfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects_SubjectFields_SubjectField
An additional field that can be used to identify the subject of the work.
Public classfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects_Tasks
The schedule tasks available to be associated with the time tracking record.
Public classfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects_Tasks_Task
A schedule task available to be associated with the time tracking record.
Public classfsresGetTransmittalDetails
Retrieves the details for one or more transmittals.
Public classfsresInputDisplayUnits
Specify the unit-of-measure values to use for input and display purposes.
Public classfsresInspectionDocumentAdd
Adds a document to the document index and associates it with the given inspection record.
Public classfsresInspectionTest
An inspection test definition.
Public classfsresInspectionTestField
A field in an inspection test.
Public classfsresInspectionTestFieldOption
An available drop-down option.
Public classfsresInspectionTestLocation
An inspection test location.
Public classfsresInspectionTestRecord
An inspection test record.
Public classfsresInspectionTestRecordCondensed
An inspection test record.
Public classfsresInspectionTestRecordCondensedField
An inspection test record.
Public classfsresInspectionTestRecordField
A field/value on an inspection test record.
Public classfsresInspectionTestSubject
The subject of an inspection test.
Public classfsresInspectionTestType
An inspection test type.
Public classfsresInspector
An inspector.
Public classfsresIntermediateCompanyCodes
Retrieves the valid company codes for intermediate shipping that the specified job contains.
Public classfsresInventoryAdd
Adds a new inventory record based off the information from another.
Public classfsresInventoryAuditSave
Associates a barcode serial # with an audit serial # and saves the barcode SN in FabSuite's inventory.
Public classfsresInventoryAuditScan
Retrieves the details of an audit serial #.
Public classfsresInventoryItem
Public classfsresInventoryItemCMBItem
Public classfsresInventoryItemProductionFields
Public classfsresInventoryItemSequence
Public classfsresInventoryLocationRestriction
Public classfsresInventoryLocationRestrictionGet
Public classfsresInventoryLocationRestrictionGet_ResultData
Public classfsresInventoryLocationSweep
An inventory location sweep.
Public classfsresInventoryLocationSweepComplete
Completes the given location sweep.
Public classfsresInventoryLocationSweepScan
Scans an inventory serial # as being in the given sweep location.
Public classfsresInventoryMove
Changes the location of a piece of inventory material.
Public classfsresInventoryOperation
A single change as part of the transaction.
Public classfsresInventoryRecord
Public classfsresInventoryRemnant
A remnant just inserted into Tekla EPM Inventory
Public classfsresInventoryRemnant_Upsert
Inserts or updates a remnant in Tekla EPM Inventory
Public classfsresInventoryTransaction
A single inventory transaction. May include multiple individual changes/operations.
Public classfsresLoad
Loads or Un-Loads a production assembly/part from a truck.
Public classfsresMakeReport
Renders, exports, and retrieves the given report.
Public classfsresMappingError
Report errors generated while saving a nest from a Cut List.
Public classfsresMaterialPrice
Pricing Data for material from a supplier
Public classfsresMaxTruck
Retrieves the largest truck/load # for a job.
Public classfsresMaxTruck_Field
The details of a field associated with a load entry (MaxTruck command).
Public classfsresMaxTruck_FieldValue
An available field value.
Public classfsresNestDataFile
A nest data file.
Public classfsresNestedInventory
Information on one inventory item from a nest included in GetNestStatus.
Public classfsresNestedRequisition
Information on one requisition item from a nest included in GetNestStatus.
Public classfsresNestError
Report errors generated while saving a nest from an external software.
Public classfsresNestSolution
Public classfsresNestSolutionGet
Public classfsresNestSolutionGet_ResultData
Public classfsresNestSolutionGetOptions
Public classfsresNestSolutionRequired
Public classfsresNestSolutionResult
Public classfsresNestSolutionResultPart
Public classfsresNestSolutionResultPartLink
Public classfsresNestStatus
Information on one nest included in GetNestStatus.
Public classfsresPing
Pings the connection.
Public classfsresPrepareReportData
Retrieves the largest truck/load # for a job.
Public classfsresProductionControlCutListExportDSTVPlus
Public classfsresProductionControlCutListExportDSTVPlus_ResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlJob
Public classfsresProductionControlJobGet
Public classfsresProductionControlJobInformation
The full details of a production control job.
Public classfsresProductionControlJobInformationTransaction
A transaction affecting the production control job information.
Public classfsresProductionControlLoad
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadAdditionalDelete
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadAdditionalDeleteResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadAdditionalInsert
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadAdditionalInsertResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadAdditionalUpdate
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadAdditionalUpdateResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadDelete
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadField
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadFieldSettings
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadFieldValue
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadGet
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadGet_ResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadGetOptions
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadInputOptions
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadInputOptionsGet
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadInputOptionsGet_ResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadInputOptionsShippingDestinationGroup
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadInsert
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadInsert_ResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadIsDuplicateLoadNumber
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterial
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialAdd
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialAddResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialLoad
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialLoadResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialLoadReturn
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialRemove
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialRemoveResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialReturn
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialReturnResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialUnload
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialUnloadResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialUnreturn
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadMaterialUnreturnResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadRemaining
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadRemainingGet
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadRemainingGet_ResultData
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadRemainingGetOptions
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadShip
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadUnship
Public classfsresProductionControlLoadUpdate
Public classfsresProductionControlShippingTopText
Public classfsresProductionShippingProductivity_GroupResult
Public classfsresProductionShippingProductivity_GroupResultField
Public classfsresProductionShippingProductivity_Result
Public classfsresProductionShippingProductivityGet
Public classfsresProductionShippingProductivityGet_ResultData
Public classfsresProductionShippingProductivityGetOptions
Public classfsresProject
Public classfsresProjectGet
Public classfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBaselinePlan
A schedule baseline plan.
Public classfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBreakdownElement
A schedule breakdown element.
Public classfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleSnapshot
A snapshot of a schedule baseline plan.
Public classfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleTask
A schedule task.
Public classfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleTaskLink
A dependency link between two schedule tasks.
Public classfsresProjectTransmittalStandardText
Public classfsresPurchaseOrderInformation
The full details of a purchase order.
Public classfsresPurchaseOrderInformationTransaction
A transaction affecting the purchase order information.
Public classfsresReceive
Receives material based on the Barcode Checklist receiving report in FabSuite.
Public classfsresReceiveASN
Receives material based on a serial number from an ASN file that has been loaded into FabSuite.
Public classfsresReceiveChecklistScan
Retrieves the details of a checklist serial #.
Public classfsresRequisitionItem
Public classfsresRequisitionItemCMBItem
Public classfsresReturn
Returns or Un-Returns material from an intermediate shipping location (galvanizer, subcontractor, etc).
Public classfsresRFIDetails_Originator
The details for one RFI originator.
Public classfsresRFIDetails_Recipient
The details for one RFI recipient.
Public classfsresRFIDetails_RFI
The details for one RFI.
Public classfsresSaveCNCFile
Saves a cnc file to the FabSuite database.
Public classfsresSavedRemnant
A remnant saved by this nest in the SaveNest command.
Public classfsresSaveInspectionTestRecord
Saves an inspection test record.
Public classfsresSaveNest
Saves the result of a nest performed in External Software to FabSuite.
Public classfsresSaveTimeTrackingRecord
Saves the result of a nest performed in External Software to FabSuite.
Public classfsresSentVia
Public classfsresSetAssemblyAssociation
Sets the association between one or more instances of an accessory part with an instance of the assembly.
Public classfsresSetCutListItemNestID
Assigns an external Nest GUID to a Cut List that already exists in FabSuite
Public classfsresSetInstanceLocation
Sets the location of a part instance.
Public classfsresShip
Ships or Un-Ships a load.
Public classfsresShippingDestinationGroup
Public classfsresShopFloorSave
Adds or Deletes the record of an assembly/part having completed a tracking station.
Public classfsresSplicePackageTFS
Public classfsresSplitPackageTFS
Public classfsresTFSCut
Processes a Take From Stock (Cut).
Public classfsresTFSCut_CutPart
A part that has been cut.
Public classfsresTFSCut_CutPartSerialNumber
A serial number of a part that has been cut.
Public classfsresTFSManual
Processes a Take From Stock (Cut).
Public classfsresTransmittal
Public classfsresTransmittalDetails_Recipient
The recipient of a transmittal.
Public classfsresTransmittalDetails_Transmittal
The details for one transmittals.
Public classfsresTransmittalDetails_TransmittalDrawing
The details for one transmittals.
Public classfsresTransmittalGet
Public classfsresTransmittalGet_ResultData
Public classfsresTransmittalGetOptions
Public classfsresUserPartial
Public classfsresUserPartialGet
Public classfsresUserPermission
A permissions that the user has (or has not) been granted.
Public classfsresUserPermissions
The permissions that the user has been granted.
Public classfsresUsers_User
A User/Employee that can be selected from for completing the material through the station.
Public classfsresValCutListItem
Validates that a cutting detail and inventory stock is valid.
Public classfsresValCutListItemDropJobReservePrompt
Expected drop for the parts on the cutting detail that match the cut list filter.
Public classfsresValInventory
Retrieves the details of an inventory serial #.
Public classfsresValJob
Validates that the specified production job exists.
Public classfsresValStation
Validates that the specified tracking station exists.
Public classfsresValTruck
Validates that a truck/load exists, optionally adds it if it does not exist.
Public classfsresValUser
Validates that a user exists.
Public classfsresVersion
Retrieves the version number of the API.
Public classfsStringID
A string element with an optional integer ID.
Public enumerationfsDropJobReserveOption
Public enumerationfsGetProductionShippingStatus_SummaryField
Public enumerationfsPriceUnits
Indicates the price units. /LB - per pound /CWT - per 100 pounds /FT - per foot /CFT - per 100 feet /SQFT - per square foot /SQFT-SA - per square foot of surface area /KG - per kilogram /M - per meter /SQM - per square meter /SQM-SA - per square meter of surface area /ITEM - per item /100 - per 100 items /1000 - per 1000 items Example (50.75/CWT):
Public enumerationfsresApprovalStatusPurpose
Public enumerationfsresChangeOrderDetails_ChangeOrderChangeAddedUnits
Public enumerationfsresCNCData_PieceMarkCNCDataFormat
Public enumerationfsresCompanyDataFirmType
Public enumerationfsresDrawingGetOptionsRevisions
Public enumerationfsresDrawingGetOptionsSortOrder
Public enumerationfsresDrawingGetOptionsTransmittals
Public enumerationfsresDrawingRevisionGetOptionsRevisions
Public enumerationfsresFilterMatchType
Public enumerationfsresFirmFirmType
Public enumerationfsresGetCutList_CutListItemStatus
Public enumerationfsresGetInspectionTestRecordsCondensed_IncludedFieldType
Public enumerationfsresGetInventorySummary_SummaryFieldName
Public enumerationfsresGetInventorySummarySummaryField
Public enumerationfsresGetProjectStatus_ProductionStatus_StationType
Public enumerationfsresGetRouteDetails_RouteStationType
Public enumerationfsresGetStations_StationType
Public enumerationfsresGetTimeTrackingSubjects_SubjectFields_SubjectFieldFieldName
Public enumerationfsresInputDisplayUnitsLengthUOM
Public enumerationfsresInputDisplayUnitsPriceUOM
Public enumerationfsresInputDisplayUnitsSizeUOM
Public enumerationfsresInputDisplayUnitsWeightUOM
Public enumerationfsresInspectionTestFieldFieldType
Public enumerationfsresInspectionTestTestPurpose
Public enumerationfsresInspectionTestTypeTestPurpose
Public enumerationfsresInventoryRecordType
Public enumerationfsresProductionControlJobInformationTransactionTransactionType
Public enumerationfsresProductionControlLoadRemainingGetOptionsSortOrder
Public enumerationfsresProductionShippingProductivityGetOptionsDateSummary
Public enumerationfsresProductionShippingProductivityGetOptionsGroupBy
Public enumerationfsresProductionShippingProductivityGetOptionsStatusType
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBaselinePlanBreakdownField1
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBaselinePlanBreakdownField2
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBaselinePlanBreakdownField3
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBaselinePlanBreakdownField4
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBaselinePlanBreakdownField5
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBreakdownElementBreakdownField
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleBreakdownElementLinkPosition
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleTaskLinkLinkPosition
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleTaskStatusAggregate
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleTaskStatusLink
Public enumerationfsresProjectSchedule_ProjectScheduleTaskTaskType
Public enumerationfsresPurchaseOrderInformationTransactionTransactionType
Public enumerationfsresReportableChangesReportableChange
Public enumerationfsresRFIDetails_OriginatorFirmType
Public enumerationfsresRFIDetails_RecipientFirmType
Public enumerationfsresRFIDetails_RFIStatus
Public enumerationfsresTFSCutRTSType
Public enumerationfsresTFSManualRTSType
Public enumerationfsresTransmittalGetOptionsSortOrder
Public enumerationfsUOM
Indicates the units of the value. IN - Inches MM - Millimeters LB - Pounds KG - Kilograms Example (40'-2 1/2):
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