Tekla EPM Open API

An application programming interface into Tekla EPM, the steel fabrication management software

With Tekla EPM Open API you can:

For example:

  • Update inventory stock, production and shipping statuses
  • Integrate with barcoding software and scanners
  • Integrate with CNC machine software
  • Integrate with 3D detailing and other software

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Automation of manual steps resulted in 80% time savings

Haskell Corporation uses Tekla EPM to manage every single part that is issued to CNC laser. Nowadays they only have to press one button instead of sending, for example, every nest back and forth manually between Tekla EPM and SigmaNest. 

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P2 Program’s barcode software uses Tekla EPM Open API

P2 Programs successfully integrated their barcode software, Steel Tracking System, with Tekla EPM. Now, Tekla EPM inventory, production, and shipping information is accurate in real-time, and it's as quick and easy as scanning a barcode label.

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Steel Projects PLM and Tekla EPM work as one

The integration developed using Tekla EPM Open API has increased the efficiency and overall success of shared clients. Clients can use each software for what it does best. 

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Tekla users are in need of Tekla developers. The directory Tekla Development Experts helps Tekla users to find developers for their projects. All Tekla Partners Program members are welcome to join the directory!

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