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What you can do with Tekla EPM Open API

Updated: 22 May 2019

Open API to Tekla EPM software

Tekla EPM Open API is an public application programming interface into Tekla EPM, the steel fabrication management software. 

Tekla EPM Open API

Update inventory stock, production or shipping statuses

With Tekla EPM Open API you are able to retrieve and update inventory, production, and shipping statuses. You could, for example, retrieve status information from the production job and show it in your application.

Integrate with 3D detailing and other software

With the help of Tekla EPM Open API you are able to integrate other software programs with Tekla EPM. It is possible to import and export various types of information, such as jobs, inventory, production status, shipping status, and so on.

Integrate with barcoding software and scanners

Identifying each piece of steel with barcode saves time and prevents data entry errors, and if labels are scanned during production it allows, for instance, automatic removal of inventory.

Therefore, integrating 3rd party barcoding software and scanners with Tekla EPM is made easy. With the help of the API you are able to receive and track inventory, process cuts (e.g. pull inventory stock and utilize it for production parts), and track production and shipping.

Basically with the API you can develop applications that track material from when it is received to when it is shipped to the jobsite and keep the Tekla EPM database updated in real-time.

Integrate with CNC machine software

The Tekla EPM Open API allows you to develop applications that, for example, nest production parts against available stock and purchasable lengths, save the nesting results for stock reservation and purchasing, or process cuts to update the inventory stock and production status.