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Get started with Tekla EPM Open API

Updated: 5 Nov 2020

In this guide you will go through how to get started with Tekla EPM Open API. 

Get started with Tekla EPM Open API.

What’s possible with Tekla EPM Open API

Watch the short video below to learn how to use the Tekla EPM Open API on both EPM Go web product and EPM desktop product.

You will see how to code an application that uses the drawing management functionality and how the changes get updated to both web and desktop products.

How Tekla EPM Open API works

Tekla EPM Open API provides a data-access layer to the Tekla EPM database. The .NET classes model the XSD request and response schemas' structure and content. As a developer it is easiest to code directly with the .NET classes and data types described in the API Reference.


In order to develop on top of Tekla EPM Open API you need to purchase a Tekla PowerFab license, or join Tekla Partners Program.

By joining the Tekla Partners Program you will be able to purchase Tekla Partners Program Suite containing the Tekla EPM product, along with other Tekla products. 

Not a member of Tekla Partners Program yet?

Get familiar with the benefits and apply to the Tekla Partners Program. 

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Prepare your setup

  1. To get started you will need to create an empty .NET application project in Microsoft Visual Studio. Follow the steps in this guide: Create a new project in Microsoft Visual Studio.

  2. Next, add reference to the Tekla EPM Open API dll package. The package file is called Tekla.EPM.Interface.dll. The Tekla.EPM.Interface.dll is found from the Tekla EPM install directory.

    1. Open Reference Manager in Microsoft Visual Studio.

    2. On the Project menu, click Add reference. Alternatively, right-click the project on the Solution Explorer, click Add and select Reference.

    3. In the Reference Manager, click Browse, locate you Tekla EPM install directory and select FabSuiteAPI.dll.

    4. Click Add.

  3. Then, download and add fabsuite-xml-request-v0108.cs source file to your Microsoft Visual Studio project.

    1. Download the source file here.

    2. On the Project menu of Microsoft Visual Studio, click Add existing item.

    3. Browse to fabsuite-xml-request-v0108.cs and click Add.

Continue coding by editing an existing code example

Let' take a look at a simple EPM API code example.

The code example will show, for example:

  • how to connect and disconnect the Tekla EPM database
  • how to read the production control jobs
  • how to show each job in a list box


  1. Download the source code from here: Code example: Production control jobs

  2. Find a source code file called FabSuiteAPIExampleF.cs and add that to your Microsoft Visual Studio project:

    1. On the Project menu, click Add existing item.

    2. Browse to FabSuiteAPIExampleF.cs and click Add.

  3. View the code and try to understand what's going on.

  4. Make some small changes to the code and run the application again.