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This is the reference documentation of Tekla EPM Open API. The API contains request and response namespaces.

fsresTFSCut Class

Processes a Take From Stock (Cut).
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  resFabSuiteAPI
Assembly:  FabSuiteResponseApi (in FabSuiteResponseApi.dll) Version: (
[XmlTypeAttribute(Namespace = "http://www.fabsuite.com/xml/fabsuite-xml-response-v0108.xsd")]
public class fsresTFSCut : fsresCommand

The fsresTFSCut type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method fsresTFSCut
fsresTFSCut class constructor
  Name Description
Public property ActualBillOfLadingNumber
Public property ActualCountryOfOrigin
Public property ActualDropLength
Public property ActualDropLocation
Public property ActualDropSecondaryLocation
Public property ActualDropWidth
Public property ActualHeatNumber
Public property ActualHeatSerialNumber
Public property ActualPONumber
Public property CutListItemDateTimeCompleted
If the cutting detail was on a cut list, the time it was recorded as being complete.
Public property CutListItemID
When the cut completes items on a cut list, the CutListItemID values of those cutting details.
Public property CutPart
Public property ErrorMessage (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public property RTSType
Type of action.
Public property Successful (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
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