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This is the reference documentation of Tekla EPM Open API. The API contains request and response namespaces.

fsresGetInventory Class

Retrieves all of the records from the current inventory and/or inventory history.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  resFabSuiteAPI
Assembly:  FabSuiteResponseApi (in FabSuiteResponseApi.dll) Version: (
[XmlTypeAttribute(Namespace = "http://www.fabsuite.com/xml/fabsuite-xml-response-v0108.xsd")]
public class fsresGetInventory : fsresCommand

The fsresGetInventory type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method fsresGetInventory
fsresGetInventory class constructor
  Name Description
Public property ErrorMessage (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public property Filters
Filters applied to this command are echoed back. Nested Filters elements are supported.
Public property InventoryRecord
Public property LastTransactionID
The maximum inventory transaction ID. This value should be passed to the GetInventoryTransactions command so that only the new changes will be retrieved.
Public property Successful (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
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