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API Reference

This is the reference documentation of Tekla EPM Open API. The API contains request and response namespaces.


fsreqSaveTimeTrackingRecord_SubjectFields_SubjectFieldFieldName Enumeration

[Missing <summary> documentation for "T:reqFabSuiteAPI.fsreqSaveTimeTrackingRecord_SubjectFields_SubjectFieldFieldName"]

Namespace:  reqFabSuiteAPI
Assembly:  FabSuiteRequestApi (in FabSuiteRequestApi.dll) Version: (
[XmlTypeAttribute(AnonymousType = true, Namespace = "")]
public enum fsreqSaveTimeTrackingRecord_SubjectFields_SubjectFieldFieldName
  Member name Value Description
Sequence 0
LotNumber 1
Category 2
SubCategory 3
PayCategory 4
MainMark 5
PieceMark 6
UserDefined1 7
UserDefined2 8
UserDefined3 9
UserDefined4 10
UserDefined5 11
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