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This is the reference documentation of Tekla EPM Open API. The API contains request and response namespaces.

fsreqFabSuiteXMLRequest Class

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Namespace:  reqFabSuiteAPI
Assembly:  FabSuiteRequestApi (in FabSuiteRequestApi.dll) Version: (
[XmlTypeAttribute(Namespace = "http://www.fabsuite.com/xml/fabsuite-xml-request-v0108.xsd")]
[XmlRootAttribute("FabSuiteXMLRequest", Namespace = "http://www.fabsuite.com/xml/fabsuite-xml-request-v0108.xsd", 
	IsNullable = false)]
public class fsreqFabSuiteXMLRequest

The fsreqFabSuiteXMLRequest type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method fsreqFabSuiteXMLRequest
fsreqFabSuiteXMLRequest class constructor
  Name Description
Public property Close
Closes the connection to the FabSuite database. Cannot be called through a remote connection.
Public property CloseRemote
Closes a remote connection.
Public property CNCData
Retrieves the CNC data for the specified parts. An XMLWarning element will be included in the response if no CNC file has been loaded for a requested piece mark.
Public property Connect
Establishes a connection to the FabSuite database. Cannot be called through a remote connection
Public property ConnectionGUID
The GUID identifying the remote connection to process the command through. This is the value returned by the ConnectRemote response.
Public property ConnectRemote
Establishes a remote connection.
Public property CreateInventoryLocationSweep
Creates a location sweep for the given location.
Public property DeleteInspectionTestRecord
Deletes the given inspection test record.
Public property ExportJob
Exports a Production Control job to a KISS file.
Public property ExportJobStatus
Exports a Production Control job including status information.
Public property ExportProjectSchedule
Exports a project schedule.
Public property GetAssemblies
Retrieves the list of assemblies in a job.
Public property GetBillOfMaterials
Retrieves the bill of materials.
Public property GetCategories
Retrieves the list of categories in a job.
Public property GetCountries
Retrieves the list of countries in a database.
Public property GetCutList
Retrieves the details of a cut list.
Public property GetDocument
Retrieves a document from the document index.
Public property GetDrawings
Retrieves the list of drawings in a job.
Public property GetInspectionTestRecords
Retrieves the details of an inspection test record and it's test definition.
Public property GetInspectionTestRecordsCondensed
Retrieves the condensed details of a set of inspection test records.
Public property GetInspectionTestRecordSummary
Retrieves the summary of a set of inspection test records.
Public property GetInspectionTests
Retrieves a list of inspection tests and their definitions.
Public property GetInspectionTestSubjects
Retrieves the available subjects for the given inspection test.
Public property GetInspectionTestTypes
Retrieves the available inspection test types and categories.
Public property GetInventory
Retrieves all of the records from the current inventory and/or inventory history.
Public property GetInventoryLocations
Retrieves a list of locations and secondary locations in use in Inventory.
Public property GetInventoryLocationSweeps
Retrieves the details of the given location sweep serial number.
Public property GetInventorySummary
Retrieves summary information from inventory.
Public property GetInventoryTransactions
Retrieves the details of inventory transactions that have occured.
Public property GetLoads
Retrieves the completed/remaining status and details by destination and load #.
Public property GetLots
Retrieves the list of lots in a job.
Public property GetNestData
Retrieves the data file for the given nest.
Public property GetNestImage
Retrieves the image for the given nest.
Public property GetNestStatus
Retrieves information on the inventory and requisition items for this nest.
Public property GetPricingInformation
Retrieves Pricing for whole system or per job.
Public property GetProductionControlJobInformation
Retrieves the full information of Production Control jobs.
Public property GetProductionControlJobInformationTransactions
Retrieves the changes that have been made to Production Control job information.
Public property GetProductionControlJobs
Retrieves a concise list of Production Control jobs.
Public property GetProductionShippingStatus
Retrieves the production status for a job.
Public property GetProjectSchedule
Retrieves the breakdown elements, tasks, and task links for a baseline plan - optionally at a snapshot.
Public property GetProjectScheduleBaselinePlans
Retrieves the baseline plans for a project.
Public property GetProjectScheduleSnapshots
Retrieves the snapshots for a baseline plan.
Public property GetProjectStatus
Retrieves summary information about the job including: Assemblies Drawings Sequences Lots RFIs Change Orders Transmittals Cut Lists Material Status Production Status Shipping Status
Public property GetPurchaseOrderInformation
Retrieves the full information of Purchase Orders.
Public property GetPurchaseOrderInformationTransactions
Retrieves the changes that have been made to Purchase Order information.
Public property GetReportTypes
Retrieves the list of report types and reports for the given report group.
Public property GetRouteDetails
Retrieves the details of the given route.
Public property GetSequences
Retrieves the list of sequences in a job.
Public property GetStations
Retrieves the completed/remaining status and details by station.
Public property GetTFSDetails
Retrieves the details of the PDC material that has been taken from stock including tracibility information.
Public property GetTimeTrackingSubjects
Retrieves the available time tracking selections for a job.
Public property InspectionDocumentAdd
Adds a document to the document index and associates it with the given inspection record.
Public property IntermediateCompanyCodes
Retrieves the valid company codes for intermediate shipping that the specified job contains.
Public property InventoryAdd
Adds a new inventory record based off the information from another.
Public property InventoryAuditSave
Associates a barcode serial # with an audit serial # and saves the barcode SN in FabSuite's inventory.
Public property InventoryAuditScan
Retrieves the details of an audit serial #.
Public property InventoryLocationSweepComplete
Completes the given location sweep.
Public property InventoryLocationSweepScan
Scans an inventory serial # as being in the given sweep location.
Public property InventoryMove
Changes the location of a piece of inventory material.
Public property Lang
Language code (en, en_UK, es, etc) requested for messages used in the response.
Public property Load
Loads or Un-Loads a production assembly/part from a truck.
Public property MakeReport
Renders, exports, and retrieves the given report.
Public property MaxTruck
Retrieves the largest truck/load # for a job.
Public property Ping
Pings the connection.
Public property PrepareReportData
Processes report data in preparation for a subsequent MakeReport call to render the report.
Public property Receive
Receives material based on either the Barcode Checklist receiving report in FabSuite or the material details.
Public property ReceiveASN
Receives material based on a serial number from an ASN file that has been loaded into FabSuite.
Public property ReceiveChecklistScan
Retrieves the details of a checklist serial #.
Public property Return
Returns or Un-Returns material from an intermediate shipping location (galvanizer, subcontractor, etc).
Public property SaveCNCFile
Saves a cnc file to the FabSuite database.
Public property SaveInspectionTestRecord
Saves an inspection test record.
Public property SaveNest
Saves the result of a nest performed in External Software to FabSuite.
Public property SaveTimeTrackingRecord
Adds a time tracking record.
Public property SetAssemblyAssociation
Sets the association between one or more instances of an accessory part with an instance of the assembly.
Public property SetCutListItemNestID
Saves a Cut List in FabSuite as an External Software to FabSuite. After this, it can be modified using SaveNest
Public property SetInstanceLocation
Sets the location of a part instance.
Public property Ship
Ships or Un-Ships a load.
Public property ShopFloorSave
Adds or Deletes the record of an assembly/part having completed a tracking station.
Public property TFSCut
Processes a Take From Stock (Cut).
Public property TFSManual
Processes a manual Take From Stock on a piece of inventory stock.
Public property ValCutListItem
Validates that a cutting detail and inventory stock is valid.
Public property ValInventory
Retrieves the details of an inventory serial #.
Public property ValJob
Validates that the specified production job exists.
Public property ValStation
Validates that the specified tracking station exists.
Public property ValTruck
Validates that a truck/load exists, optionally adds it if it does not exist.
Public property ValUser
Validates that a user exists.
Public property Version
Retrieves the version number of the API.
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