Tekla Developer Awards 2019 entries

The entries are here. The top prize of Tekla Developer Awards 2019 went to the BIMcollab BCF Manager for Tekla Structures, developed by Paul Deckers from BIMcollab. Entries for 2020's awards now open!


Description: x_drawer is a program, which itself creates assembly drawings (at Tekla Structures program). It creates all necessary views, cross sections, dimensions, and place it without overlapping. It can work with steel assemblies like beams, columns and braces. The x_drawer produces assembly drawings in several representation styles.

Problem that app solves: Tekla Structures create automatically good assembly drawings only for simple beams / columns / braces. If beam or column will be a little be more complex, Tekla Structures will create wrong assembly drawing (wrong dimensions and not good cross sections) So, (at my location Russia) it leads to user delete all views (include dimensions and cross section), and create drawing from 'zero' by manually, and of course user will spend a lot of time. This why i made x_drawer.

Developed by: Ruslan Romashchuk, IE Romashchuk R

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Description: SAAGIRID is Structural Analytics (Not Analysis Tool) Algebraic Geometric Integrated Relational Interactive Design and Detailing System. This has two parts. It reads STAAD file and generates dxf 3d itself (it has own dxf generation engine inside that) decides grids location and prepares grids also. Its demo version don't make Material planning (Full version can). This helps for Pre-Engineered Structures modelers to import contour plates model from STAAD files taper definitions.

Problem that app solves: STAAD Taper sections to proper aligned contour plates model importing inside Tekla is not there.

Developed by: Sanjoy Nath, Structures Online

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Filtering Tool

Description: Filtering Tool is an application to fast filtering model views and making selection filters based on model phases. This application is for every Tekla Structures User.

Problem that app solves: Filtering tool improve maintenance of large Tekla Structures Models, because model objects can be on many phases. Filtering tool allow to switch view between this phases in very efficient way.

Developed by: Dawid Dyrcz, ODS

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Component Replicator

Description: This macro will replicate the user custom components with the same attributes to new picking primary and secondary objects. The selection order is as follow :
1. Component that need to be replicated
2. New primary object
3. New secondary objects in order (the tool will ask for multiple secondary if required)

Problem that app solves: In most cases copying does not works for components. In addition there are some cases that there is a need to reassign another object as primary/secondary object. This tool will keep the property of current component and assign to selected new primary and secondary objects.

Developed by: Houman Hajiabadi, Ambercon A/S

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The winner: BIMcollab BCF Manager for Tekla Structures

Description: The BIMcollab BCF Manager adds cloud based issue management capabilities to Tekla Structures. It provides the ability to create and modify issues and communicate these through BIMcollab directly from within the application.

Problem that app solves: Effectively managing the issues which arise while evaluating and checking digital models results, increases the quality of the digital models and therefore in the end the quality of the building. Managing issues via file exchange (BCF, Excel, email) is inefficient, error prone and difficult to maintain an overview. Providing a central repository of issue data in the cloud solves these drawbacks. 

Developed by: Paul Deckers, BIMcollab

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Real-Time Streaming Tool

Description: This tool allows a host Tekla Structures model to stream and share changes (model object insertion, modification, deletion) to one or many external client Tekla models in real-time, over the local network or internet.

Problem that app solves: Sharing smaller model changes can be a slow process currently. If two colleagues need to collaborate quickly, they can do so with the Real-Time Streaming Tool.

The "Camera Sync" functionality of Real-Time Streaming Tool is also beneficial in training scenarios, where all students may require to view a host model in real-time, as changes are happening rather than simply watching a demonstration video.

Developed by: Benjamin Pottage, Acier Steelwork Solutions

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Contour Plate Splitting Tool

Description: This tool can be Split any shape of Contour Plate by four different method.

Problem that app solves: When working with Chequred Plate (Steel Floor) in more location the contour plate required to split according to the Plate availability size, Joint, Part cut with other profiles and Sizing as required. The existing Contour Plate Splitting Tools in warehouse not having the options Single Cut, Part Cut and Polygon Cut. So that this tool is developed with more Splitting options.

Developed by: Raju Saravanan, Emirates Building System co LLC

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SetnGet UDA by List

Description: Set and Get User or Report Attributes to and from Excel or CSV file. You can work with model objects and drawings. All users who work with UDA and want cut corners can use this application. Import attribute, copy UDA, UDA List in one place.

Problem that app solves: Set different UDAs by report properties, for example by Part position, GUID, ID or another exist UDA, not manually but with help of excel. Create simple report inside this extension (without template editor) and on fly set values to UDAs. App work in all type of licence. Can be suitable for "Drafter" or others.

Developed by: Dmitry Dolzhenkov, LLC "Belenergomash-BZEM"

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Description: Application shows numbering or drawing history for selected part in model and for assembly in which selected part is.

Problem that app solves:  For employees in my company sector, it is useful to track part or assembly numbering history. For us it will be useful to have these information in part/assembly inquire, because that is not a case I develop this application.

Developed by: Vojislav Vitorovic, Velesstroy Construction Company

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Model Checker

Description:  This Open API development helps you find easily 10+ different type of common modeling mistakes from your Tekla model. It`s for everyone who wants to improve their model quality.

Problem that app solves: It helps to find and solve common mistakes easily in your model and prevent later trouble in factory or construction site.

Developed by: Aleksandr Ess and Sten Tuudak, TSGuide OÜ

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Light Gauge Steel Add In for Tedds

Description: An Add-In for Tekla Tedds that allows users to design multistorey buildings in Light Gauge Steel using Tedds. It's aimed at Engineers and Estimators alike, having grown out of a need for software to automate the design process to make it faster and more efficient and accurate.

Problem that app solves: Before the 'Add-In' was developed there was nothing commercially available on the market place. Previously our sister consultancy used a combination of Excel and Pencil and paper along with every other Engineering Consultancy specialising in Light Gauge Steel.

Developed by: Sarah and Steve Napper, Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd

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Description: Tool for representation & filter in model view. For steel detailing.

Problem that app solves: Easy to set representation, using a custom list including profile, elevation, plate thickness, bolt size and standard, part mark, assembly mark and show in different color. Another tool is set view filter by phase. And it can auto hide and show at top of screen.

Developed by: Gao Leo, Okaysteel.

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Precast concrete part plugins

Description: We launched a development program at the beginning of 2018 for two purposes: to replace old custom components with plugins and to add some new features helping design and production of precast concrete parts.

Problem that app solves: We externalized design calculations so we were not limited by Tekla performance for something we could do with our own programs. For example, we measured a 30% time saving when creating new elements with plugins compared to custom components and a 50% time saving when modifying existing parts.

Developed by: Dev team at GA Smart-Building

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Tekla Open API North Direction Tool

Description: This is my north tool for drawing in Open API competition. The tool calculates the true north direction of the model beams and columns which user have to calculate manually by taking reference from the project north.

Problem that app solves: By using this tool user can just select multiple drawings at a time and double click the north tool, drawings will automatically open then north symbol will place and at last drawing will save then close.

Developed by: Manushri Johari, Structures Online.

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Embed Creator with Rebar Rods tool

Description: It is a customize embed creator with different 7 mostly used shapes of rebar rod. In place of studs of embed creator, j anchor rod can also be used.

Problem that app solves:

1. It provides 7 different shapes of Rebar rod with embed creator.
2. It overcomes stud tilt problem of embed creator.
3. It saves time for creating rebar rod manually.
4. Studs can be replaced by J anchor option also.
5. Nailer hole option can be used in separate tab.
6. Easy error handling.

Developed by: Manushri Johari, Structures Online.

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Connection export to IDEA StatiCa

Description: This plugin allows any user of Tekla Structures to export any steel connection and visualize it in a cloud Viewer - topology, bill of material, dwg etc. This empowers any detailer or engineers facing a difficult connection to transform it into a shareable file with all the data and get it to a person that can handle the code-check of the connection.

Problem that app solves: The community of engineers and detailers, no matter if they have or have not an IDEA StatiCa license, can quickly share various steel connections in a visual form. This application enables engineers and detailers to solveone of the biggest pains in steel projects - connection design. With IDEA StatiCa export plugin, any connection can be solved and code-checked via effective and easy communication between a detailer and structural engineer, driving productivity and safety.

Developed by: Juraj Sabatka, IDEA StatiCa.

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Stiffener and Crane APP

Description: Sample Stiffener. Crane API Fold-able 3 handed.

Problem that app solves: Instead of conventional crane in Tekla Structures we can use this.

Developed by: Harish Kumar, Tech flow Engineers pvt Ltd.

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braced.io connections

Description: The application solves steel connections in the cloud. The user makes the design through a web interface. Info and parameters are stored in the cloud. Then, another user of the team can simply build the connection at Tekla Structures with a matter of two clicks. The joint will be built up taking into account case-specific parameter desviations such as angles and displacements but always according to the original design.

Problem that app solves: There is a need for standarized connections designs. Our tool provides good standards. We want to cover those 90% of standard joints in a typical project, saving 50% of the connections design budget.

Developed by: dev team at BRACED ENGINEERING, SL

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Sigmat Stair API

Description: We set our-in house development team the task of creating an API to assist with modelling stairs to suit the 3x different options we offer in our LGSF buildings.

Problem that app solves: The value of time saved can be measured in weeks not hours per year. Anyone who has manually detailed a stair will know the massive step forward that this API offers, by taking only a few clicks to have stair and landing completely modelled.

Developed by: Ayub Muhammad and others at Sigmat.

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Description: This plugins can be placed by selecting existing walls or a polygon shape. Based on the contour it created a solid with on all sides a surface. This surface can be adjusted later. With this plugins we can quickly estimate how much a building costs to construct and operate roomspaces are a key element too. General contractors, Architects and facility managers build there bids and methods around roomspaces.

Problem that app solves: With our newly developed roomspaces modeler we open the usage of Tekla to new users by:
- easily entering roomspaces between walls automatically or manually
- adding all information a roomspace needs to carry intuitively
- detailing all finished surfaces
- structuring all the information with different brakedown structures
- handing over and connecting fm-informations for operations

Developed by: Tim Haverkamp, Tekniq solutions, and BuildingPoint Switzerland.

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Slab modeler

Description: With this plugin the user can create very easily sloping slabs by adding, dragging, moving, deleting lines and points. Plugin creates contour plates so everything can be used in the whole Tekla process. QTO, Exports, Loads etc.

Problem that app solves: With our Slab modeler customers can model 10x faster than with standard Tekla tools and if something changes the gain of time grows exponentially. With this extension Tekla becomes the easiest and most efficient concrete in-situ solution on the market.

Developed by: Tim Haverkamp, Tekniq solutions, and BuildingPoint Switzerland.

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Numbering Controller

Description: Application helps to track changes in numbering of Tekla assemblies. It gives immediate feedback in graphical way to user after numbering procedure. User can see numbering results in a familiar to model sharing changes way.

Problem that app solves: Application gives a user more intuitive way to see numbering changes. It is hard to convice normal user to check numbering logs. If he will see those changes in Tekla - job will be much easier :)

Developed by: Grzegorz Olszewski, CONSTRAVIA LIMITED SP.K.

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IFC Rebar Converter

Description: The developed application, at the moment in advanced Beta phase, permits the conversion of IFC rebars in native TS rebars, keeping also rebar groups.

Problem that app solves: This application covers a gap between an A&D software capable of describing rebar spatial position and the Structural BIM Authoring software Tekla Structures. The application is capable of converting an IFC exported from Tekla Structures (but it must contain assemblies) back in a new TS model or in an existing TS model. 

Developed by:Osvaldo Mariani, Gianni Lanzillo, and Giorgio De Lorenzi, Harpaceas Srl

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Description: It creates embeds using Plates, Bent Plates, Channels, Angles, Bent Channels and Wide Flange profiles. It can create continuous embeds of multiple parts, with studs, bolts, nail holes, threaded stud, anchor bolts, etc. It can be used to create various embeds, door jambs, curb angles, trench angles, corner guards, ledge angles, flitch plates and various other types of misc. items required on most building projects.

Problem that app solves: Allows consistent creation of misc. steel construction parts with studs, anchors or bolts quickly and easily. It allows setting Bought Out Item UDAs on all parts, Gage UDAs of parts and creation of weld studs as parts for easy billing on reports.

Developed by: Eric Torola, Steel Tek Unlimited, LLC

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Evaluation criteria for voters

- Is the app creative and unique?
Completeness of the app
- Production readiness and for example user interface design.
- Does the app solve a real problem that Tekla users have?
Tekla APIs usage
- Effective usage of Tekla APIs.
- Not required, but sharing the code provides the opportunity to everyone to view what the developer has done.

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