Stridely Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

As a trusted partner of Tekla, Stridely helps construction engineering and consulting companies implement the use of Tekla Structures to perform their key business function. We belive to digitize design and engineering industry through automation. Stridely has employed a qualified team of Tekla engineers who can leverage their expertise and knowledge to bring the project from concept to reality. Stridely handles BIM services and architectural design projects that need Tekla Structures with precision, speed, and the capability of a committed crew.

Our services include:

Enabling 3D Design and Drafting in Tekla Structures
Custom Plug-in and component development using Tekla Open API
BIM Model Automation
Streamline Drawings and Reports

With our unique industry-specific knowledge, we ensure that our clients manage to generate higher returns. Stridely's distinct modernization approach will identify the best solution for your specific requirements.

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Tekla Structures