Piper Technical Consulting

New Zealand
Tekla Structures Specialist for All aspects of Training and Customization.

With 12 years’ experience at BuildingPoint Australia and New Zealand, and over 20 years’ experience with Tekla Structures / X-Steel (back in the day).

The last 5-10 years i've been specializing in Tekla Structures Training, Tekla advanced training for pretty much any aspect of the program. The training is done over a 2-way Team Viewer session for 1-3 users at a time. Generally i see great results with this as seeing the customers screens, as well as them seeing mine, really helps me as the trainer focus on their weaknesses and make sure they’re able to achieve what they need to so they can use Tekla efficiently. I've also developed a huge amount of basic - complex components in Tekla to make customers be able to achieve complex & slow modelling very easily. These components can also be used to drive information on drawings and reports. I've developed hundreds ranging from Trusses, Sliding Door assemblies, Bridging systems, flashing tools, as well as many more, for both customers and the Australasian environment, during my time at BuildingPoint.

I offer a range of services now including Basic Training for newcomers, Advanced Training to suit the customer’s needs, Customization, Components. I also offer general help with the Tekla Setup or moving up to newer versions, and all at competitive prices.

Please contact me if you'd like you or your staff to really get the most out of Tekla and streamlining efficiencies or want to set up Tekla a lot more automated to make your projects flow quicker and easier.
Expertise in:
Tekla Structures
Trimble Connect