DSTECH Co., Ltd.

South Korea
https://dstecheng.co.kr | dstech@dstecheng.co.kr | +82 54-272-7433

Basically, DS Tech is specialized in designing structure & relate industries building based on high technical skilled development on Tekla structure.
The works with clients in diverse industries around the local & oversea to design, consult and adopted leading new technology.
DS Tech is owned of competitive Smart solution programs; DS Component, DS Rev, DS Rebar, DS Check, DS PLM provide innovative solutions that feature outstanding added value for customers in the construction.

·DS Component: AI-based connection automation software
·DS Rev : Easy to use auto review software
·DS Check : DB-based connection check program
·DS Rebar: Automatic rebar creation program
·DS PLM : Project Lifecycle Management for smart factory

Youtube → https://www.youtube.com/user/Dstech7433
Expertise in:
Tekla Structures
Trimble Connect