ENG Soft Co., Ltd.

South Korea
#511 Leaders Tower, 60-15 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 153-801 , Korea TEL : +82-2-839-8714 EMAIL : ksg@engsoft.kr www.engsoft.kr www.drawingautomation.com
ENGSOFT is a software development company, which is leading IT in the field of design, construction and maintenance of the overall construction industry. We developes Tekla structures solutions for show drawing edit automation, modeling automation with analysis data, management of structure members.

Product list
1. DAS : Drawing Automation System for Shop Drawing.
2. JAS : Japan Drawing Automation System
3. RAS : Revision Automation System for Shop Drawing.
4. eSDI : enhanced Structural Design Integration.
5. SLM : Steel Life-cycle Management system.
6. PMS : Precast member Management System
7. SCM : Supply Chain Management with Tekla
Expertise in:
Tekla Structures
Trimble Connect