New Tekla products and APIs added to Tekla Partners Program

Produce your own applications with multiple Tekla software and APIs

Now 3 Tekla software licenses for developer partners

Tekla Partners Program was launched initially on March 2018 for Tekla Structures application developers.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have expanded Tekla Partners Program and launched a new bundle product, Tekla Partners Program Suite, for developers. The new Suite includes three software licenses: Tekla Structures Partner, Tekla PowerFab and Trimble Connect for Tekla.

As an existing partner you will get Tekla PowerFab and Trimble Connect licenses

Members of Tekla Partners Program who already have valid Tekla Structures Partner license will get Tekla PowerFab and Trimble Connect for Tekla online licenses. The licenses will be granted in June 2019. Partners will be informed by email.

Tekla Developer Center is now hub for 3 APIs

The expansion also includes the launch of reborn Tekla Developer Center. The extended Developer Center is now hub of three APIs: Tekla Structures Open API, Tekla PowerFab Open API and Trimble Connect API.

Tekla PowerFab Open APITekla Structures Open APITrimble Connect API


The launch continues Trimble’s open approach to BIM

Tekla Partnerships Team hopes that expansion of the Tekla Partners Program and Developer Center will help more companies to deliver valuable solutions, integrations and perhaps innovate new synergies between software. The expanded Program answers the Tekla customers’ demand for new automations, customizations and integrations.

At Trimble, we do not believe that one software solution or integrated system can fulfill all the requirements of the construction industry. Instead, we believe in a mixed environment of purpose-specific systems communicating effectively using information models, commonly agreed processes and methods and shared terminology. This means that we have an open approach to Building Information Modeling.

We want to allow our customers and developer partners to produce own applications if they wish. Now, customers and  partners can do it with multiple application programming interfaces.