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Greetings from the Tekla Partnerships Team!

Tekla users are in need of Tekla developers

We often hear that Tekla users are in need of Tekla developers. The always increasing Tekla user base asks for developers and Tekla API experts.

Therefore, we decided to launch a directory called Tekla Development Experts in Tekla Developer Center. The directory helps Tekla users to find experts in Tekla development for their projects.

Join Tekla Development Experts

Promote your Tekla development expertise globally

When listed as a Tekla Development Expert you are able to easily promote your services and expertise globally to Tekla users and your potential customers.

We welcome all Tekla Partners Program members with valid license to join the Tekla Development Experts. Note that the list does not constitute an endorsement by Trimble.

Add your company information to Tekla Development Experts

Adding your company to the Experts directory is easy. The Tekla Online admin of your company just fills in a form in Tekla Development Experts page. After saving the form the information will appear on the directory. The admin can any time edit the information, or hide or delete the entry if needed.

For more detailed information, we have provided a Tekla Development Experts guide to help you. You will learn how to add your data and keep it fresh and up-to-date.