What you can do with Trimble Connect API?

Updated: 4 Mar 2024

Trimble Connect is a cloud-based collaboration platform available for web, desktop, mobile and mixed reality. Trimble Connect API allows you to integrate with, embed, and extend Trimble Connect. You can read, write and update data into and out of the Trimble Connect.

What you can do with Trimble Connect API?

Automatize, enhance and customize Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect APIs contains the features of Trimble Connect. You can, for example, create projects and views, add todos, etc. With the Trimble Connects APIs it is easy to automatize, enhance and customize Trimble Connect.

Synchronize data from and to your project bank automatically

If you have a project bank for your data it is possible to automate the data transfer from the project bank to Trimble Connect, and back. The file sharing updates automatically. With Trimble Connect you can also view the project bank data - viewing is a feature that normal project bank software do not offer.

View large constructible models even in mobile

Today, digital construction professionals face issues with BIM models. In general, models are getting more detailed and data-rich and they grow fast in a file size. Uploading this size of models can be a tedious process when model size can be more than 1GB.


In Trimble Connect models are transformed into TrimBIM. The TrimBIM technology is a format invented and implemented in Trimble for efficiently storing 3D BIM / civil geometry and attributes. The technology allows users to view large models, even in mobile.

Save time in processing big BIM models

Normally it takes a long time to download, process and view very big BIM models. This is an issue for anyone working with BIM models.

By cutting down reference model size and processing time, your users save a lot of time in their daily work.

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