Use Tekla Model Sharing in coding projects

Updated: 20 Jun 2024


Tekla Model Sharing allows teams to work efficiently together on a Tekla Structures model regardless of their location or time zone. You can work closely with your development team and end-users throughout the development lifecycle and support phases.

Tekla Model Sharing in coding projects helps you supporting your customer.

Collaborative application development and support

Here are some ideas on how to use Tekla Model Sharing in coding projects. You could, for example:

  • Specify the application together with the customer and end-users
  • Connect to the customer’s non-production project to test and verify your application
  • Demo the application to your customer using Tekla Model Sharing
  • Support your customers more easily by sharing Tekla Structures models back and forth

Geography is no longer a barrier

Tekla Model Sharing supports your international growth and expanding your activities in foreign countries. For example, developers in New York can share their model with customers in London to streamline testing and feedback. You participate in the same Tekla Structures model and work around the world during your office hours in different time zones, regardless of where your clients are in the world.

Build flexible development teams

Your entire software development team can work together on a Tekla Structures model. You have the freedom to work with the same model at the same time in different locations and time zones.

Work closely with your customers and end-users throughout the Tekla Open API application development lifecycle and support phases

Patented synchronization technology

With Tekla Model Sharing, you´ll only need the internet to share your changes. Teams can work on local copies of a model and let Tekla’s patented synchronization technology take care of the rest. Data transfers are encrypted, and history is backed up for safe and secure working.

A word of warning 

Tekla Structures Partner adds a watermark to drawings 

Join only non-production models or ask to be added as a Viewer when using Tekla Structures PartnerIf you write out a model using Tekla Structures Partner, it is for non-production usage. All drawings in the model will have a watermark stamp.

When writing out a model using Tekla Structures Partner you will see a warning 

"You are sharing a model created with a partner license. It can not be used for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, modeling, detailing, or fabrication. Do you want to share the model?".

How to use your Tekla Model Sharing access

  • You can start sharing your own Tekla Structures test models with your customers. 
  • Or you can be invited as a user to the customer’s test model you need to work with. Your customer should invite you as an Editor with writing rights to the model.
  • If the production model is shared, ask your client to add you as a Viewer so that you can read the changes but not write them out. This will ensure that their production model is not converted to a partner model that watermarks their drawings.

How to fix it?

If you by mistake joined and shared your changes with a production model and all drawings have watermarks, try the following:

  1. Use sharing change detection and sharing history to see who has shared and what. For more information, check this Tekla Users Assistance guide.
  2. Restore a previous version of the model and start using that model in Tekla Model Sharing. 

    See instructions in Tekla User Assistance on how to take the previous version of the model into use.

Start with a free Tekla Model Sharing 90-day trial

The trial can be activated once and it is available for those Tekla Partners Program members and customers, who do not have Tekla Model Sharing licenses and have not evaluated Model Sharing previously.

Tekla Model Sharing is not included in the Tekla Partners Program Suite and needs to be purchased separately after the trial.

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