Updated: 9 Aug 2022

This guide contains the source code for three simple applications. You can use the examples for learning and testing the Tekla Structural Designer Open API and as a starting point when writing your own code:

  1. Extracting1DElementData project shows how to use Tekla Structural Designer Remoting API from a WinForms application to export 1D element data to an Excel file.
  2. ExtractingSteelBeamData project shows how to use Tekla Structural Designer Remoting API from a command line application to export steel beam data to a .csv file.
  3. CreatingAndAnalyzingModel is compatible with Tekla Structural Designer 2022 SP2.  The example will create a small model comprising some steel and some concrete elements, run an analysis on the model, and extract some analysis results to a .csv file.

Watch video

Watch this video to learn how to add the API package to your Microsoft Visual Studio project and how to run the sample application that extracts steel beam data from the model. The source code of the code example is explained in the video.


To use the code examples follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Get code button on top of this page
  2. Download and extract the TSDRemotingAPIExamples.zip file to a directory on your system 
  3. Open the solution RemotingAPIExamples.sln in Microsoft Visual Studio. 
  4. There are three code examples included in the solution: Extracting1DElementData, ExtractingSteelBeamData, and CreatingAndAnalyzingModel.Tekla Structural Designer Remoting API examples shown on Microsoft Visual Studio.
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