Trimble Connect license change in 2020

Updated: 12 Dec 2019

Trimble Connect used with Microsoft HololensTekla Partners Program Suite

As you probably know, Tekla Partners Program Suite is a combination of three different products: you are entitled to use Tekla Structures Partner, Tekla EPM, and Trimble Connect for Structures products. 

Trimble Connect is now available in three levels: Personal, Business, and Business Premium.

Current Trimble Connect licenses will be replaced with the new Business Premium licenses

Your current Trimble Connect for Structures licenses will be replaced with Trimble Connect Business Premium. The replacement will happen with the 2020 subscription license renewal.

Assign Trimble Connect licenses to individual users

With the new Business Premium product you have better control who can use your Trimble Connect licenses.

After the update, your Tekla Online admin will need to

  1. Open Tekla Online Admin Tool, and
  2. Assign licenses to individual persons who will use the Trimble Connect software.

 To see who is your Tekla Online admin, check My organization.


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