TrimBIM technology

Updated: 1 Mar 2024

The purpose of this guide is to describe the TrimBIM technology in detail and list the main benefits the market industries gets utilizing it.

Large constructible BIM models are an issue


Today, digital construction professionals face issues with large BIM models. Constructible BIM models are large and contain Manage large BIM models with TrimBIMa lot of information. Thus it takes a long time to download, process and view them. This is an issue for anyone working with large BIM models today.


In future models will get even more detailed and data-rich and models are growing fast in a file size. Now model size can be, for example, over 1GB. Uploading this size of models can be a tedious process.

Because of the complexity of models, file processing is done multiple times. Every single instance can take minutes or even hours. The download/upload time is long and this is also done multiple times.

By cutting down reference model size and processing time, Trimble Connect users can save a lot of time in their daily work routines.

TrimBIM cuts down the model size and processing time

The TrimBIM is a file format invented and implemented in Trimble. With TrimBIM you can minimize upload/download time with efficient, smaller file format and you need to process it only once (client or cloud). Downloads are minimized by caching processed models. TrimBIM can be produced directly from authoring application and accessed directly through cache without upload/download waiting time.

Intelligent geometry and attribute data storing enables viewing even in mobile

TrimBIM (.trb) is a file format for efficiently storing 3D BIM/Civil geometry and attributes with in-memory fast random access. It is not a replacement for IFC or any other formats, but more intelligent way to access model data. TrimBIM speeds up the BIM processes significantly.


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