Tips on how to promote your apps using Tekla Warehouse

Updated: Wednesday, February 7, 2024 - 14:29

You have a great application that you want to start selling or you want to showcase your skills. Tekla Warehouse is excellent channel to reach out and attract Tekla users. 

Tekla Warehouse connects directly to Tekla Structures making it easier to take applications into use. Tekla Structures user can download application from Tekla Warehouse and use Tekla Structures Extension manager for installation.

Tekla Warehouse is not a eCommerce store but many Tekla Partners Program members are utilizing Tekla Warehouse when selling their apps or expertice. In this guide there are tips on how to take advantage of Tekla Warehouse.

Note, only members of Tekla Partners Program have the right to develop, sell, market, and distribute apps for third parties. See more information in the Policy.


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