Tekla Structures 2024 Open API Release Notes

Updated: 26 Jan 2024

Tekla Open API 2021 release notes

This release notes document is a first draft for an upcoming release. The content is still being updated and might not fully correspond to final product features.

Known issues in Tekla Structures 2024 beta

There are problems in DrawingPresentationPlugins and some of the plugins do not load. This problem might prevent some of your own plugins from working correctly. This problem is related to:

  • Using enumeration to define ForObjects as an attribute
  • Using arrays to define ForObjects as an attribute.


  • New GetMetadata(), SetMetadata(), GetAllMetadataKeys(), and DeleteMetadata() methods have been added to the ShapeItem class for manipulating and enumerating metadata of a shape item in shape catalog.


  • The width of the Cancel button in the WpfOkApplyModifyGetOnOffCancel user control was changed from fixed to scalable so translated text is shown correctly.
  • When you set a HelpUrl in a dialog that uses the WpfSaveLoad control, a browser with the correct page opens when a user clicks the Help button.


  • Previously, the plane was sometimes incorrect when using direct modification in the Open API. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Plugins that use the Direct Modification platform had a problem in snapping to reference model object edges with certain reference models. The problem is now fixed.


  • Loading an attribute file with a value change for 'show numeric value' is now supported for straight dimension sets.
  • Previously, it was not possible to properly modify a drawing view that was created using the Open API. This issue has now been fixed.
  • API tools can now read information from the model database while Tekla Structures executes a drawing cloning operation.
  • It is now possible to use true RGB custom colors for drawings in the ViewAttributes, SymbolElement, and FontAttributes Tekla Open API classes. We strongly recommend that developers use the new colors instead of the old color properties.
  • The SymbolAttributes and BoltAttributes Tekla Open API classes now have new TrueColor properties for using the full user-defined RGB colors in drawings.
  • The EmbeddedObjectFrame, Frame, and DimensionSetBaseAttributes Tekla Open API classes now have new TrueColor properties that can be used for setting the object color to a custom RGB value. Use of the old color properties is still possible, but we strongly recommend that developers use the new colors. The old color properties should be considered obsolete.


  • Previously, rebar solid was calculated only once when using the Open API. Now, the GetSolid() method returns the correct values after rebars are modified.
  • The GetRebarComplexGeometries function now returns a polyline if the simplified parameter is set to NONE. Previously, it returned a polycurve when there were curved rebar set leg surfaces. The old version of GetRebarComplexGeometries, which does not have a simplified parameter, has been deprecated.
  • The ViewHandler class has a new GetActiveView() method to fetch the currently active MDI child window.
  • A new UndoClicked event has been added to the Events class in the Tekla.Structures.Model namespace. The event is sent when a user clicks Undo in the user interface.
  • Shape UDA or metadata can now be called using the GetReportProperty() method from the model object. The method must be prefixed with PROFILE. or SHAPE. For example: part.GetReportProperty("SHAPE.Material", ref tempStr) or part.GetReportProperty("PROFILE.Material", ref tempStr).
  • A new CreateShapeFromGeometry method has been added to create a new entry in the shape catalog from the geometry of an existing part.

Tekla Open API 2024 libraries are now compatible with .NET Standard 2.0

Tekla Structures APIs have now been modernized to be compatible with .NET standard 2.0. Tekla Structures and Tekla Open API are now built using .NET Framework 4.8. The modernization work also removed COM support from Open API assemblies.

Open API assemblies are no longer registered to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). GAC was previously used when an application communicated with Tekla Structures.

We recommend that you test at least some of your existing extensions with Tekla Structures 2024 to check everything works as expected. If the current extension version works, TSEP files in Tekla Warehouse do not need to be recreated.

While it was previously possible to target older .NET Framework versions when using Tekla Open API libraries, .NET Framework 4.8 or newer is now required to compile tools using Tekla Open API 2024 libraries. .NET 6, 7, and 8 are not yet supported to compile tools.

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