Tekla Structures 20.1 Open API Release Notes

Updated: 13 May 2019

This document explains new features, fixes and improvements in Tekla Open API 20.1. For more examples and information, see Tekla Open API Reference Manual for version 20.1.


Tekla.Structures.Model Assembly

New class: ControlCircle

  • Direct modification of construction circles is now enabled in Tekla Open API via the new ControlCircle class.

Construction lines

  • Tekla.Structures.Model.UI.ModelObjectSelector().GetSelectedObjects() now works with ControlLines. 

User-defined attributes in reference model parts

  • Previously, reference model parts could not be assigned a user-defined attribute if they were accessed through ModelObjectEnumerator and were not selected, that is, SelectInstances in the enumerator was set to false. 

New method: GetAllIntersectionPoints

  •  The Solid class has a new method GetAllIntersectionPoints that gets all the intersection points between the solid and a plane. Compared to the IntersectAllFaces method, it does not arrange the points into polygons, and is thus a lot faster.

Tekla.Structures.Drawings Assembly

New command: UpdateDrawing

  • The UpdateDrawing command has been added to the DrawingHandler class. This command allows the non-up-to-date drawings in the drawing list to be updated as if used from the user interface.

New property: ExcludePartsAccordingToFilter

  •  A new property, ExcludePartsAccordingToFilter, is now available: 
    • You can set the filter to be used for StraightDimensionSet tags.
    • If an invalid ExcludePartsFilter is given, it will become None.
    • StraightDimensionSet.GetAllExcludePartsAccordingToFilter() queries the available ExcludePartsAccordingToFilters.

FixedViewPlacing set correctly

  • LoadAttributes now sets the FixedViewPlacing property correctly. 

Assembly, cast unit and single part drawings

  • AssemblyDrawing, CastUnitDrawing (both by id and by position) and SinglePartDrawing can now be created and inserted. Insert always inserts the drawing using the view creation rules. Views are added as defined by the rules. Constructors that take a sheet number have also been added.

Drawing views

  • When modifying a view, the drawing plug-ins inside the view are now also updated.

Tekla.Structures.Dialog Assembly

Distance field units

  • Tekla Open API plug-ins now initialize distance field units correctly and also update them when re-opened after the user has changed the unit settings.
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