Tekla Developer Awards FAQ

Updated: 21 Oct 2019

Tekla Developer Awards 2019

Where can I submit my application for the competition?

You fill find a link to a online form here.


Check here the 2019 registration form questions in pdf

Can I submit an Tekla application I created some time ago?

Yes. We do not check when the application was originally created or if it existed in Tekla Warehouse before the competition.

Of course it is recommended to create something innovative and new to increase the chances that your application will receive more votes. 


How many applications I can submit?

There is no limit to how many applications you can submit. Choose your best applications to submit.

Can I submit an Tekla application that is created for a specific environment?

Sure! You can participate Tekla Developer Awards competition with a  tool that uses standards specific to a country or a region.

Which Tekla Software APIs do I have to use?

You will need to use at least one of the Tekla Software APIs available in Tekla Developer Center: Tekla Open API (of Tekla Structures), Tekla EPM Open API, or Trimble Connect API/SDK.

Addition: also Tekla Tedds API can be used! In the online submission form there is no option for Tekla Tedds API but you may just include that information in the description.

Can I use other than Tekla APIs too?

Sure, it is up to you. You may mix Tekla API with other APIs to create the required outcome.

Where I can publish my app source code?

You can open for example a GitHub account and host your source code there. Alternatively, you can include it in the information package.

Do I have to publish my app in Tekla Warehouse?

It is recommended but not mandatory. You may provide just link to the required information package. Note that if you cannot upload your application to Tekla Warehouse for voters to test, the meaning of high quality video and other material is even more emphasized.

Tekla Developer Awards 2019 form

Can we participate as a team?

Yes. You can create your Tekla application alone or do it as a team. 

When will the community start voting?

The voting starts on November 1st at Tekla Developer Center. Only one vote per person may be submitted.

When the voting ends?

The voting ends on November 30th. 

When is the winner announced?

The winner of Tekla Developer Awards 2019 competition will be announced in December 2019.

What prize can I win?

The winner of Tekla Developer Awards 2019 will receive a Oculus Quest.

When you vote you have a chance to win a Suunto 5 sports watch.