Tekla Developer Awards 2019: xTEmbed

Updated: 1 Nov 2019

Developed by

Eric Torola, Steel Tek Unlimited, LLC.


It creates embeds using Plates, Bent Plates, Channels, Angles, Bent Channels and Wide Flange profiles.

It can create continuous embeds of multiple parts, with studs, bolts, nail holes, threaded stud, anchor bolts, etc.

It can be used to create various embeds, door jambs, curb angles, trench angles, corner guards, ledge angles, flitch plates and various other types of misc. items required on most building projects.

Problem that app solves

Allows consistent creation of misc. steel construction parts with studs, anchors or bolts quickly and easily. It allows setting Bought Out Item UDAs on all parts, Gage UDAs of parts and creation of weld studs as parts for easy billing on reports.


A lot of positive feed back on the functionality and the user interface. There were several bugs in early versions, but almost all of those have been fixed and some new features that were requested.

About the development project

It took about 5 weeks in all for one developer, but a second developer helped with some back end supporting code.

Our plugins use our own Windows WinForm controls to allow the user full access to all settings for Parts, Bolts and Welds.

Our framework allows us to easily create and edit our Attributes and generate and update all code needed to use the plugins Attributes in the Plugin code and form code.

xTEmbed at Tekla Warehouse

Download >

About the company - Steel Tek Unlimited, LLC

  • Tekla API development and consulting of custom plugins and applications.
  • API development of plugins that we sell.
  • Steel detailing
  • Tekla training, configuration and customization.
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