Tekla Developer Awards 2019: x_drawer

Updated: 1 Nov 2019

(The video is in Russian language but English subtitles are available.)

Developed by

Ruslan Romashchuk, IE Romashchuk R.


x_drawer is the program, which itself creates assembly drawings (at Tekla Structures program). Creates all necessary views, cross sections, dimensions, and place it without overlapping. It can work with steel assemblies like beams, columns and braces. The x_drawer produces assembly drawings in several representation styles.

Problem that app solves

Tekla Structures create automatically good assembly drawings only for simple beams / columns / braces. If beam or column will be a little be more complex, Tekla Structures will create wrong assembly drawing (wrong dimensions and not good cross sections)

So, (at my location Russia) it leads to user delete all views (include dimensions and cross section), and create drawing from 'zero' by manually, and of course user will spend a lot of time. This why i made x_drawer.

x_drawer results

All drawings has been created automatically without manual editing.



Tekla Developer Awards 2019: x-drawerTekla Developer Awards 2019: x-drawerTekla Developer Awards 2019: x-drawerTekla Developer Awards 2019: x-drawer

x_drawer at Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse contains also, for example, how-to guide and images of drawings created by Tekla Structures and x_drawer for  you to compare.

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About the developer

My name is Ruslan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruslansfera). I develop various applications for Tekla Structures program using Open Tekla API + C# last eight years.