Tekla Developer Awards 2019 winner: BIMcollab BCF Manager for Tekla Structures

Updated: 7 Feb 2024

Developed by

Paul Deckers, BIMcollab.


The BIMcollab BCF Managers add cloud based issue management capabilities to Tekla Structures. It provides the ability to create and modify issues and communicate these through BIMcollab directly from within the application.

Problem that app solves

Effectively managing the issues which arise while evaluating and checking digital models results, increases the quality of the digital models and therefore in the end the quality of the building.

Managing issues via file exchange (BCF, Excel, email) is inefficient, error prone and difficult to maintain an overview. Providing a central repository of issue data in the cloud solves these drawbacks.

Connecting to the repository via the BCF manager allows engineers to access issue data directly from within Tekla Structures and identify the relevant location and components. They can also communicate with other team members and collaborate on resolving the issues.





Tekla Developer Awards BIMcollabTekla Developer Awards BIMcollabTekla Developer Awards BIMcollabTekla Developer Awards BIMcollabTekla Developer Awards BIMcollab

BIMcollab BCF Manager at Tekla Warehouse

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About the company - BIMcollab

BIMcollab is an issue collaboration platform for BIM, built on the widely accepted IFC and BCF open standards. BCF issues contain all relevant information enabling communication about BIM models.                                 Tekla Developer Awards BIMcollab logo
BIMcollab simplifies issue management, and offers a structured way of storing, sharing and solving issue including reliable history tracking in any BIM development process.   Tekla Developer Awards BIMcollab team

BIMcollab connects directly to a wide range of BIM applications, including Tekla Structures, creating an extensive issue management eco-system.

More details in a pdf flyer.

  Tekla Developer Awards BIMcollab team


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