Tekla Developer Awards 2019: Slab modeler

Updated: 7 Feb 2024

Slobing slabsDeveloped by

Tim Haverkamp, Tekniq solutions & BuildingPoint Swiss.


With this plugin the user can create very easily sloping slabs by adding, dragging, moving, deleting lines and points. Plugin creates contour plates so everything can be used in the whole Tekla process. QTO, Exports, Loads etc.

Slab to wall and column connection

Sloping slabs basic functionality

Sloping slabs big slab

Sloping slabs with connection

Sloping slabs with opening

Problem that app solves

Customers want to model easily walls, slabs, beams columns for predimensioning their project and solve all the details efficiently for construction.

For Beams&Columns Tekla Structures fulfills these expectations since years but for Walls&Slabs particularly in situ concrete Tekla does not match the customer expectations perfectly.

The main difference is that in situ concrete can be shaped completely individually and does not have connecting elements like screws because walls, slabs and columns connect directly together via reinforcement. So shaping and sloping slabs and connecting walls and columns to them is key for the customers.

With our newly developed Slabmodeler we solve this by:

  • giving easy contour input for slabs
  • sloping slabs parametrically without any conversions to items
  • extending and cutting walls and columns bottom and top levels parametrically to slabs

With our Slabmodeler customers can model 10x faster than with standard Tekla tools and if something changes the gain of time grows exponentially.

With this extension Tekla becomes the easiest and most efficient concrete in-situ solution on the market


A customer in Swiss tested the plugin and was really kean about the user experience. Very easy to use and setup sloping slabs and connections.

About the development project

Tekniq Solutions developed this extension for and with BuildingPoint Switzerland. The Extension was developed in an agile manner and with integrated customer feedback and testing to ensure optimal quality and scope in Version 1.Tim


About the company - Tekniq solutions

We make custom made tools where we find user experience very important. This is done by using direct modification in combination with sidepanels in Tekla. Instead of making changes via the User Interface we see the whole Model as a user interface. Activating a plugin will give information from the plugin. That way the user can change almost anything without really opening the interface.

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