Tekla Developer Awards 2019: Real-Time Streaming Tool

Updated: 1 Nov 2019

Developed by

Benjamin Pottage, Acier Steelwork Solutions.


This tool allows a host Tekla Structures model to stream and share changes (model object insertion, modification, deletion) to one or many external client Tekla models in real-time, over the local network or internet.

The problem that app solves

Sharing smaller model changes can be a slow process currently. If two colleagues need to collaborate quickly, they can do so with the Real-Time Streaming Tool.

The "Camera Sync" functionality of Real-Time Streaming Tool is also beneficial in training scenarios, where all students may require to view a host model in real-time, as changes are happening rather than simply watching a demonstration video.


Tekla Developer Awards Real Time Streaming Tool screenshot

Tekla Developer Awards Real Time Streaming Tool screenshot

About the development project

Building the tool took around 2-3 days, one programmer.

Tekla Developer Awards Real-time-streaming-developer-photo
The developer

Source code

The source code of Real-Time Streaming Tool is available here.

Real-Time Streaming Tool at Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse contains also, for example, list of supported model objects, installation instructions, and executables for Tekla Structures versions from 2016i to 2019i.

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About the company - Acier Steelwork Solutions

We have considerable experience developing applications and plugins using the Tekla Open Tekla Developer Awards Acier Steelwork Solutions logoAPI, for many different use-cases.

With one half of the company having over 38 years' professional experience in the structural steelwork industry, and the other half an experienced Computer Games Programmer, Acier Steelwork Solutions has plenty of experience to create highly advanced Tekla plugins and applications.