Tekla Developer Awards 2019: NumberingDrawingHistory

Updated: 1 Nov 2019

Developed by

Vojislav Vitorovic, Velesstroy Construction Company.


Application shows numbering or drawing history for selected part in model and for assembly in which selected part is.

Problem that app solves

For employees in my company sector, it is useful to track part or assembly numbering history. For us it will be useful to have these information in part/assembly inquire, because that is not a case I develop this application.

I develop this application because next things. A lot of employees works in a large models, so somebody always change some parts, objects, etc. which should be not changed. Then after numbering, parts or assemblies change their position numbers. So for us it is very useful to track part or assembly position number history. Same thing for drawings, it is useful to track what happened with certain drawing.

How application works

First you pick a part in model. For drawings history, application gets position number of selected part and position number of assembly in which selected part is.

Then searches drawing_history.log file and display only lines which contains appropriate position numbers. For numbering history, application gets part and appropriate assembly GUID and according to GUID search numberinghistroy.txt file.

There is a combo box to select which history to show, numbering/drawing. Combo box to select text encoding, I put this because part/assembly prefix could be written for example in cyrillic font, which is the case in my current company.

Default values for combo boxes are “numbering history” and “us-ascii” text encoding

About the development project

All applications for Tekla Structures in my company sector I made by myself, I work as steel detailer and developer at same time. For this application I spend few days to make it works.

Tekla Developer Awards NumberingDrawingHistory developer

Source code

The source code and macros folder is available here.

Folder NumberingDrawingHistory is folder created with visual studio which contains all necessary files.

Folder macros contains necessary files for Tekla structures macro folder.

About the company - Velesstroy Construction Company

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