Tekla Developer Awards 2019: Model Checker

Updated: 2 Nov 2019

Developed by

Aleksandr Ess and Sten Tuudak, TSGuide OÜ.


This Open API development helps you find easily 10+ different type of common modeling mistakes from your Tekla model.

It's for everyone who wants to improve their model quality.

Problem that app solves

It helps to find and solve common mistakes easily in your model and prevent later trouble in factory or construction site.

About the development project

Project leader - Sten Tuudak
Developer - Aleksandr Ess


"Model Checker has worked very well, exactly as promised. In our project, it found overlapping reinforcement, embeds- and reinforcement in incorrect cast unit and reinforcement with invalid geometry. I see that this program will find usage daily in our company for both precast- and cast in place concrete structures. It helps find mistakes that are difficult and time-consuming to find manually. Thank you a lot! :) ", said Ever Haabmets, Projekt O2 OÜ.

Model Checker at Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse contains also activation key (valid until 2020.01.01).

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About the company - TSGuide OÜ

We help Tekla users to Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Mistakes.

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