Tekla Developer Awards 2019: Light Gauge Steel Add In for Tedds

Updated: 2 Nov 2019

Developed by

Sarah and Steve Napper, Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd.


An Add-In for Tekla Tedds that allows users to design multistorey buildings in Light Gauge Steel using Tedds.

It's aimed at Engineers and Estimators alike, having grown out of a need for software to automate the design process to make it faster and more efficient and accurate. Recent additions include self-weight of solutions, roof trusses which are thanks to Trimble Developers help, and a 'two minute, one form house design' that had the ability to link to *any* 3D cad / BIM package via the built-in Excel links which are supplied as part of the Tedd's package.

The One Form House Design is a 'proof of concept' combining various calculations included in the package into one 'exemplar' calculation that also drops out the total weight of the house.

Problem that app solves

Before the 'Add-In' was developed there was nothing commercially available on the market place. Previously our sister consultancy used a combination of Excel and Pencil and paper along with every other Engineering Consultancy specialising in Light Gauge Steel.

Now users, Engineers, and Estimators, with *no experience* of Light Gauge Steel can readily, and quickly, design buildings safely and accurately.

When compared against designs produced by competent Engineers NOT using the Add-In, but their own bespoke combinations of Excel and Pencil and Paper the designs produced, peer-reviewed by groups such as the SCI, offer designs some *40%* lighter than the alternative designs!

About the development project

The software has been in development for anywhere between the 20 years Steve Napper has been involved in the Light Gauge Steel industry and the five years the business has been in existence Modern Engineered Software Solutions was set up purely to sell and distribute the Add-In!).

The company is a micro SME consisting of Husband and Wife Team, Sarah and Steve Napper, but sells the software / Add-in across the globe.

The recent developments around roof trusses would not have been possible without help ad guidance from Trimble's Development team for which we are extremely grateful.


Customers have referred to the software as:

Ground Breaking
Simple to use - 'It's this easy?'
Producing light designs

Light Gauge Steel Add In for Tedds

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About the company - Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd

We develop add in's for Tekla's Tedd's package, particularly focusing on 'Light Gauge Steel'.

We are not aware of any other company doing what we do, and the 'add in's' are targetted at users who both already use Tedds and those who are new to Tedds and Light Gauge Steel.

See more at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbsQzRUKfkgWrbXaZdKLIBQ.