Tekla Developer Awards 2019: braced.io connections

Updated: 1 Nov 2019

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The application solves steel connections in the cloud. The user makes the design through a web interface. Info and parameters are stored in the cloud. Then, another user of the team can simply build the connection at Tekla Structures with a matter of two clicks. The joint will be built up taking into account case-specific parameter desviations such as angles and displacements but always according to the original design.

Problem that app solves

There is a need for standarized connections designs. Our tool provides good standards. We want to cover those 90% of standard joints in a typical project, saving 50% of the connections design budget.

About the development project

We started braced.io in 2017. We are a team of 2, a web developer and a TS developer. We have help from other companies with some engineering and marketing tasks.

braced.io connections in Tekla Warehouse

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About the company - BRACED ENGINEERING, SL

We are AEC software consultants. We provide custom solutions built over Tekla Structure, SAP2000, and other leading platforms in the industry.