Updated: 17 Jan 2024

This documentation includes the source code for a simple C# application "TeddsApiTester" which can be used for both testing the Tekla Tedds API and as a reference example of how to write your own code to use the API. 

TeddsApiTester application uses the Tekla Tedds calculator to create rtf/pdf output and variables from a Tekla Tedds calculation. Input variables can be provided and calculation user interface can be hidden. 


To use the TeddsApiTester follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Get code button on top of this page
  2. Download and extract the TeddsAPITester.zip file to a directory on your system 
  3. Open the solution TeddsAPITester.sln in Microsoft Visual Studio 
  4. Build the solution 
  5. Run the application 
  6. Enter the File name and the Item name of the calculation you want to test. To get the information, follow these steps:
    1. Open the Library Access System
    2. Select the calculation you want to use
    3. Open the View menu
    4. Select Properties to open the Item Properties window
    5. You can use the copy button to the right of the Name and Library edit boxes to copy the information 
  7. Enable the Show user interface option 
  8. Click Calculate

When the calculation is finished the variables generated will be listed in the Output variables (xml) edit box.

These variables can be saved to an xml file which can then be used as the Input variables (xml) for a subsequent run of the calculation. 

Tekla Tedds API Tester video

Watch the video that demonstrates the Tekla Tedds API Tester Application.

The library and item name of the calculation to be used (bearing pressures for rectangular footings) are entered and then the Tekla Tedds API is used to run the calculations normal user interface.

The output variables are saved and used as the input for a new run of the calculation but this time without showing the user interface.

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