Support your app users in Tekla Discussion Forum

Updated: 17 Aug 2021

Support your app's users and build community with the Tekla Discussion Forum. Support your users in Tekla Discussion Forum

Tekla Extensions sub-forum is a place for discussing and providing feedback on Tekla applications including comments, bugs, and feature requests. 

    Accessing Tekla Discussion Forum requires users to sign in with their Trimble Identity. Tekla customers and partners with Tekla Maintenance or Tekla Subscription are able to access the forum. 

    Take a look: Tekla Extensions

    Support your app users

    Create easy user support by building your own community on the Tekla Discussion Forum. The benefits are:

    • One place for your application's users to seek help and ask questions, and you to connect with your users 
    • No need to establish email, phone or other support channel for your users
    • Tekla Warehouse directs your users to the support forum
    • Improve the user experience by adding the support forum link to your app
    • Receive notifications of new posts
    • Create polls for the users to make your forum more interactive
    • Here you will find everything else you can do: Tekla Discussion Forum → Help

    Get started by creating a new topic for your app

    1. Go to Tekla Extensions discussion forum
    2. Click Start new topic to create a support topic
      • Name the title to be the same as the name of your application in Tekla Warehouse
      • Add tags to make your topic easier to find
      • Write an introduction
      • You can also create a poll for the users e.g. to rate your application or a latest new feature

    Receive automatic notifications of new posts

    1. Go to Tekla Extensions forum.
    2. Select the topic that you created with the name of your application.
    3. Click Follow this topic on the top right corner.
    4. Choose how often you would like to get notifications, and if your name is shown as a follower.

    To configure how you should be notified and how you would like to receive notification go to Navigation Options page:

    1. Click Your Profile on the top right corner.
    2. Go to My Settings.
    3. Select Notification Options tab on the left.

    Add links to Tekla Warehouse

    After uploading an application to Tekla Warehouse you have the possibility to direct your users from Warehouse to your support forum.

    1. Turn editor mode on and click Edit support information.

      Edit support information in order to support your app users using Tekla Discussion Forum.
    2. You can add 6 types of links:

      Type the URL of your app forum in order to support your app users using Tekla Discussion Forum.
      • Website - Your company's website
      • Help & Support - A support site or mailto: prefix for emailing
      • Discussion forum (website) - Tekla Discussion Forum
      • Copyright information
      • EULA - Additional terms for your own content
      • Release notes file - Attach a file containing release notes





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