How to download code examples from GitHub

Updated: 17 Apr 2020

Many of the Tekla Structures Open API code examples are available in GitHub.

Code examples include application and plugin examples for models and drawings. Also macro and custom property examples are included. 

The code examples show you how Tekla Open API works and help you create your own applications and plugins. Code examples are fully working, complete applications.


All Tekla Open API code examples are implemented with Microsoft Visual Studio using C#-language.

How to download the Tekla Open API code examples

  1. Go to
  2. On Branch list, select your Tekla Structures version.
  3. Click Clone or download, then click Download ZIP to start the download.
  4. Extract the folder to wanted location.

How to push your changes up to GitHub

You can help making the code examples better!

If you think your change would benefit the community, consider offering your changes up to the original TSOpenAPIExamples project.

Please follow GitHub's instructions on how to make a pull request:


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