Add and edit company information in Tekla Development Experts

Updated: 14 May 2019

Tekla users need Tekla developersTekla Development Experts directory

The always increasing Tekla user base asks for developers and Tekla API experts. The Tekla Development Experts directory helps Tekla users to find experts in Tekla development for their projects. Note that the directory does not constitute an endorsement by Trimble.

Promote your company

When listed as Tekla Development Expert you are able to easily promote your services and Tekla expertise globally to Tekla users and your potential customers. All Tekla Partners Program members with valid license are welcome to join the Tekla Development Experts. 

Want your company on the Tekla Development Experts? Follow the guidelines below.


Login required

Log in with your Trimble Identity to get started.

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems with Development Experts page,  it might be that you haven't logged out after receiving required licenses. We suggest that you perform log out / in and see if you can see the whole page after that.

Tekla Partners Program required

In order to add your company to the Tekla Development Experts you must be a member of Tekla Partners Program.

If you do not know if your company has joined Tekla Partners Program, go to My licenses and check if you have valid TeklaPartnersProgram license.

Not a member yet? Learn more about benefits of the membership and apply for the Program.

You are your company's Tekla Online admin 

Your Tekla Online administrator can add your information to the Tekla Development Experts. To check who are your company's Tekla Online admins, go to My organization.  

The My Organisation page will tell you if you are the admin of your organization. If you are not an admin, the page will tell who is. Please contact the admin of your organization and forward link to these instructions to him or her.

Add your company to the Tekla Development Experts

  1. Browse to Tekla Development Experts page
  2. If prerequisites described above are met, a form appears on the right side of the page A form to add your company to Tekla Development Experts
  3. Fill in the following information:
    • Upload an image, for example your company logo.
      • Images larger than 10 000 x 10 000 pixels will be resized
      • Images must be larger than 200 x 200 pixels
      • Allowed types: png, gif, jpg, and jpeg
      • One file only, the file size limit is 50 MB
    • Choose your location
    • Type your contact information: email, phone number and your website. Include all the contact info that makes it easy for Tekla users to communicate with you. 
    • Write short description of what your company does. Include a compact list of past projects, link to your Tekla Warehouse collection, technology skills, etc.
    • Choose the expertise area
  4. Click Save. Your information will appear on the directory.

Keep your company info updated and fresh

After you have published your information on the Tekla Development Experts, remember to return to the page to keep the information updated and fresh. Your Tekla Online admininistrator can any time edit the information, or hide or delete the list entry if needed.