Tekla.Structural.ExpressoAddIn Namespace

Tekla Tedds Add-In's

Tedds Add-In's allow anyone with Microsoft .Net programming experience to extend the Tedds function library with their own custom functions. Creating an Add-In allows you to integrate Tedds with your existing in-house software applications or applications and services from other 3rd parties.

The Tekla.Structural.ExpressoAddIn namespace contains the classes and types required to create a Tedds Add-In

Public classAliasAttribute
Register method with Tedds with an additional name
Public classRequirementAttribute
Requirements can be placed on input parameters by using the Requirement Attribute. These requirements will be evaluated before the method is called and if a requirement fails the method call will fail.
Public classUnitsAttribute
Because Tedds calculations are ‘dimensionally aware’ Add-In methods must specify the units of each argument, and the units of any return value. This is done using the Units Attribute.
Public classValidTypesAttribute
Valid types to allow within a dynamic/object parameter
Public enumerationRequirement
Requirement placed on numeric parameter via the Requirement Attribute
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